Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Return of the Rash

Well, the story of my kids life continues.  Bless his heart, the medicine has beat him down again.

In case you don’t remember his HORRIBLE allergic reaction to Amoxicillin, you are more than welcome to go here, here, and here to refresh your memory.

A week ago today, he woke up with a 104.2 temperature at mom’s.  Took him to the doc and had strep.  Seeing as how penicillin’s are out, we did Omnicef (which he’s had before).   Anywho, last nite we noticed some hives coming up on his chest.  I figured it was the meds, so I didn’t give it to him and instead gave him Benadryl.

I woke up to this.

crafts-rash 034

I know you can’t tell in the picture, but his little wrist was horribly swollen.

crafts-rash 035crafts-rash 037crafts-rash 039

So I called the doc as soon as they opened and told them what was going on and I took him in later on this morning.  We saw the NP and she says “well, it really could be from anything, even allergies”  until she lifted up his shirt and saw this…

crafts-rash 042

“oh, yep, definitely an allergic reaction to his medicine.”

So go ahead and scratch that off the list of meds he can take! Poor kid.  And they are itching him like crazy.  He’s got them in his hair, his ears and on his eyelids (which he won’t let me take a picture of) and his wrists and ankles seem to be taking turns swelling.  I can’t keep shoes on him because he cries and tells me “no, it hurt.”

crafts-rash 043

So we got a script for steriods and a new med and he also gets some more Benadryl.

crafts-rash 044

I’m hoping he’s at least a little better tomorrow cause it’s mine and his Mother’s Day “Tea” at school.  Even though he’s perfectly fine and not contagious in the least bit, I remember with his penicillin rash, everyone we came in contact with treated him like an alien leper.

crafts-rash 045

Can you see the welps?

crafts-rash 046

These last few were from this afternoon, so we’ll see how they look this evening.

crafts-rash 047

So, here I am, asking again for some prayers for the little guy to get to feeling better very soon.  He definitely could use them!


Granthamania said...

Aww. Feel better Landry. We'll say some prayers.

Diane said...

Poor little guy! Sending prayers your way.

Grandma said...

My prayers are for you Landry and your family because every one feels your pain. Get to feeling better soon.

Ali said...

Ohhh. Your poor little man. :( Man I hope that starts clearing up soon. That looks awful for him.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this. Your photos helped confirm for me that my daughter's awful rash was an allergic reaction, not chicken pox or or something else. She had a really bad reaction to amoxicillan after over a week of being on it. Thankfully she is getting better now.


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