Monday, August 29, 2011

Catching Up

Not a whole lot has been going on here lately- so, nothing too interested to show you!

Ansley has become obsessed with getting on the couch, so Landry has learned how to remove all the cushions to help her. 

august 001august 002

This pretty much sums up Landry, he never slows down.

august 003august 004

The boys brought their bouncer over one night, so that occupied everyone *except Ansley* for awhile

august 013august 019august 026august 027august 036august 041august 044august 048august 054

Last week, we went out to lunch for my birthday with Sasha & Annsley Belle and then went to the Discovery Center for a playdate.  The kids had an absolute blast!  Not to mention, I got in free and we were pretty much the only ones there, so the kids had free roam of the entire place.

discovery center playdate 002

Trying to get a picture of these two is near to impossible- they neither one will slow down.  (Landry pretty much refuses to call her Annsley, he always calls her Tinker Bell)

discovery center playdate 006discovery center playdate 018

He climbed all the way to the top!

discovery center playdate 022discovery center playdate 026discovery center playdate 030

Landry was the best at the bubbles- he did great!

discovery center playdate 037discovery center playdate 038discovery center playdate 041discovery center playdate 042discovery center playdate 049discovery center playdate 056discovery center playdate 059discovery center playdate 060discovery center playdate 062discovery center playdate 065discovery center playdate 068discovery center playdate 072

Sister playing at the campfire

discovery center playdate 077

Having a cup of coffee

discovery center playdate 078discovery center playdate 083discovery center playdate 087discovery center playdate 094discovery center playdate 103

A few nites ago, Aaron came to help Chris with the porch and of course Miss Ella didn’t fail to entertain us as always!

keevan football 005keevan football 009

Crabby britches swinging away

keevan football 012keevan football 024

They also helped Keevan with his football plays

keevan football 032keevan football 048keevan football 049

Ansley LOVES her pretty Fancy Nancy dress from Miss Chloe (and Kim & Mark!), she got SO many compliments on it.

keevan football 054

That’s about all that we’ve been up to!

PS- Diane, THANK you SO much for the amazing dress you made for Ansley.  I love, love, love it!  I promise I will send a thank you note very soon. 

Hope everyone has a great week!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sweet Shoppe Party!

A few days ago, I wrote that “my house is dirty, my laundry needs to be done, and my kitchen looks like a bomb went off.”  After yesterday, the exact same can be said.  Although I’m pretty sure the house looks worse now then before!  I think the party went pretty well minus the fact it was a utter mad house here for about 2 hours.
For her actual birthday, Big Daddy was working, so Em, Ella, Kaden, Terry, Trissa, Keevan & Kaleb came over and we had cookies to celebrate!
birthday 003
What we would do without this lady in our lives, I hope to never find out!  She is such a great friend to me.
birthday 004
Sassy Ella (her shirt should be her motto…)
birthday 005birthday 008birthday 013
TT & Ansley
birthday 029birthday 031
Aaron and Chris finished building the swing set from Grammy & BamBam Friday nite, so the kids didn’t see it until Saturday morning.  Landry was THRILLED! Needless to say, we’ve spent lots of time out there already!
birthday 033birthday 037birthday 038birthday 040birthday 042birthday 046birthday 050
Saturday afternoon was her Sweet Shoppe party.  This is the awning that dad made for the sweets table.  We had cupcake push-pops and regular cupcakes *that Grammy made and were delicious!* (they sat on the colored trays, don’t know why I didn’t take a picture of those?), an ice cream bar & candy.  It was a sugar coma waiting to happen…
The only pic I have of the invite, is off my phone.
birthday 051
Miss Priss’ smash cake
birthday 054
Here’s the “lemonade” stand that Big Daddy made. I LOVE it!   Instead of lemonade though, we had a pineapple strawberry punch.
birthday 062
Ice Cream bar
birthday 064birthday 068
Close up of the favor bags and water bottle labels I made.  (The sweet bags are just computer paper – if you want to know how to print them, let me know.)
birthday 153
Little princess waiting to open presents
birthday 069birthday 070
This is about as interested as she got. 
birthday 073birthday 076
Luckily, her brother is very interested in opening gifts!
birthday 080birthday 083birthday 087
See, she gave up on presents!
birthday 091
The adorable paper doll quilt Nancy made for Ansley. It is SO precious. She also made a pillow case to go with it, but I didn’t get a picture of that either.
birthday 094
Deciding she’d rather just chew on her new little Pony.
birthday 096birthday 097
Landry got a punching bag!
birthday 098
Smash cake time was a little disappointing.  I think it was the hat that threw her off, she never could decide if she wanted it on or off, or on the floor.
birthday 100birthday 102birthday 107
Once again though, Landry came through!  He begged to eat that cake since Friday when I baked it!
birthday 109birthday 111birthday 112birthday 116
This is “Banna’s” baby Kinslee.  Ansley is slightly obsessed with her and doesn’t understand why we don’t let her just “love” on her all the time (it could have something to do with the fact that when Kinslee was like a week old, Ansley attempted to poke her eye out…)
birthday 121
And this would be Landry’s future wife (Ella) making out with another man (Ethen).  Notice the closed eyes and everything? 
Uh huh.  They need couple’s therapy sooner than we thought.
birthday 124
Sweet Macy and Landry.  She’s so good with him!
birthday 132birthday 140
Finally, she got to play with the baby!
birthday 143
Silly girl had a GREAT birthday and was spoiled beyond measure!
birthday 147
I owe HUGE shout outs to several people-
Mom- for EVERYTHING.  Literally.  You are the greatest mom / Grammy EVER.  You rock, more so than you’ll ever know.  Not to mention, everyone loved the cupcakes!
Dad- for making the awesome table awning!  From a picture to reality in less than a hour and for helping me make the cupcake pushpop stands (and drilling all the holes!) and never once complaining about any of it!
Emily and Jaime- for helping me get everything ready the nite before and cleaning my childs room! (Oh, and listening to me complain!)
Sav- for helping with the sweets table & the super cute sixlets (and listening to me complain!)
Aaron- for helping Chris build the swing set (sorry you always have to work when you come over.)
Big Daddy- for making me the lemonade stand (in about 30 minutes!), finishing the swingset, painting EVERYTHING! and making sure the house looked great before the party!  We love you bunches!
Overall, I think it was a success!

**I got the idea for the lemonade stand here !**


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