Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Porch

As usual, work has been going on at this house!  Chris has been wanting to extend the back porch all the way across the patio and this weekend he finally got the chance.
Terry and him started on Friday nite, worked all day Saturday and all day Sunday.  Being the good wife that I am, I took ZERO pictures of the process. 
These are from Sunday evening, so the pictures are not the greatest.  The boys wanted us all up on the roof, so we obliged.
porch 001porch 003porch 006
The view of the sandbox from the roof
porch 009
And yes, Ansley joined us as well
porch 011porch 013
She was not impressed with TT putting her on the chimney
porch 015
Notice all the leaves in the front yard?  I don’t think that’s normal for July/August.  It looks like fall at our house.
porch 017
You can see the addition in the shingles.  Even though you can tell the difference in the picture, you can’t see it in person.  They're the same color shingles, you can see though the fading in the older ones.
porch 018
Such big boys
porch 020
Harli was going crazy wanting up there with everyone!
porch 021
Needless to say, all the boys were exhausted.  They were literally dragging by Sunday evening.
porch 022
All that’s left is the inspection for the framing and he can finish the under side of the porch.  It looks so good and I’m sure glad it shaded Miss Ansley’s room!
Oh-ps. Is anyone else aware it’s 9 days til the little misses 1st birthday?  Geez. I don’t know if I can handle it.

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Grandma said...

Some one tell Chris and Terry nice job on roofing the patio. What will be the next challenge?You will enjoy this porch. Ansley doesn't want to be so high up. She wants to get ready for her big party in just a few weeks.Keevan was having a great time.


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