Friday, July 29, 2011

Sneak Peak–Jungle Book Style

We took Ansley’s one year pics this past weekend so I could get them edited and printed before her party.  I think that quite a few of them turned out great!

Anywho.  When I was editing them, I came across this one- and it just might be one of my favorites.  The first thing I thought of when I saw it was when Mowgli was marching with the elephants in the Jungle Book.

Mowgli imitates the elephant Junior. Despite his wild upbringing, he is still a man cub, not a pachyderm.

ansleypics 127

Too bad you can’t see her other leg sticking out due to her massive tutu!  Silly girl!

I cannot believe she’s fixing to be one!


Diane said...

That's so cute. Funny thing, I told Kim, Chloe reminded me of the same thing. I guess Landry, Ansley and Chloe all had the same idea with their techique :)

Three Guys & a Gal said...

L_O_V_E it!!!! Great job!

Grandma said...

Oh what a wonderful way to share the perfect picture of Ansley wearing her attire marking the 1 year birthday coming up soon. You come up with cute ideas with your children. They look happy go lucky in the photos take.

The Huntington's said...

I can't wait to see the rest of your pictures (so I can steal some ideas for Emery, her pictures will be at the WT campus in Sept)

Granthamania said...

Ok. I can't help myself. That picture is 'tutu' cute! haha. Seriously. Precious!

Welcome! said...

Cuteness! Does she always crawl this way? It's adorable! She looks like a sassy little one {much like my little girl!} :)


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