Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Landry's Silly Video

I finally got one video to load! You probably won't find this near as funny as I do but I just love his little voice.  And pardon my annoying voice, just ignore it.
Untitled from Busy B Family on Vimeo.
As a side note- Harli does NOT bite Landry. Ever. Even when he deserves it.  For some reason when anything happens to anyone, Landry blames it on her. 
Side note #2- I promise there's not usually that many shoes in my living room.  I had a pair in there, Landry had a pair and he had been wearing Chris' boots around.  So, excuse the mess!


Grandma said...

How cute Landry getting Harli in trouble. Landry is a delight to be around. He may decide to put the blame on Ansley. He can tell big stories and make believe what he wants. He has fun entertaining.

Diane said...

Poor Harli getting blammed for everything. lol Landry sure was convincing. :) BTW...there is only 2 people living here and we have 4 pairs of sandals in the room.

Granthamania said...

This is a cute video! I can't believe how much more expressive he is since I saw him last. Time passes too quickly.


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