Monday, July 11, 2011

11 Months

Precious baby, you are 11 months old today!  I cannot believe that in one more month, you will be a year old. It seems like just yesterday you were born and while it’s so exciting to see you grow everyday, it hurts my heart that you’re not my little baby anymore.

11 months 004

Anywho, before I get too sappy on here, I guess I need to update you on the last month!

11 months 005

You are still in size 2 diapers, 12-18 month clothing and size 3 shoes.

11 months 009

(I didn’t even bother editing some of these because they’re just ridiculous, but it gives you a glimpse of how picture taking usually turns out!)

You still technically only have 2 teeth, although you can feel one coming in on the left of your bottom tooth and you can see the top two, they just haven’t come in yet.

11 months 016

11 months 017

You still prefer bear crawling, which I guess is fine seeing as how you’re really fast that way. 

11 months 023

You stand up by yourself a lot. If you would just get the courage, you could walk.

11 months 024-111 months 025-1

You had another ear infection about 2 weeks ago and weighed 21.8 lbs. So I’m thinking next month you might be 23 or so.

11 months 035-111 months 038-1

As with every previous month, your brother is still your favorite.  You’ve gotten really into wrestling this month and love when daddy & Landry get on the floor with you to play.

11 months 04311 months 044

You’re also starting to be clingy.  If you’re not near someone, you let it be known that you’re not happy.

11 months 04511 months 047

You eat regular food all the time now and will start whole milk in a few weeks.

11 months 05111 months 053

You love to pull hair (especially Landry’s) which he handles pretty well.

11 months 061

He’s always excited to see you, even if it’s only been an hour during naptime, that you’ve been gone.

11 months 066-1

I hope that you and him continue to be buddies! Y’all are so sweet together now!

11 months 06911 months 073

Ansley, we hope you receive everything you can ever dream of in life and thank God we have been so blessed by you!

Happy 11 month birthday baby girl!


Courtney said...

Oh my goodness, she is so cute. It is hard to believe she will be a year old soon. I bet you are busy planning that first birthday party.

Grandma said...

Ansley has such pretty outfits to model. She knows she is modeling a new one. Her smile is adorable. This month will pass so fast. I am so ready to see her in a very special dress.Landry is a cute and loving big brother. They are picture perfect.

Granthamania said...

She is sooo pretty! She's also starting to look even more like you. Love the ruffle outfit!


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