Tuesday, July 19, 2011


We spent 3 days in Colorado before we headed to New Mexico for the rest of the week.  It was a great 1149.3 mile vacation!

Sorry some of the pics aren’t great.  The first time I got my camera out for the trip, my lens wouldn’t work right, so stupid me started messing with it and ended up breaking the spring inside the lens.  Needless to say, I fought with it the rest of the week.  Booooo.

We originally planned to stay in Trinidad the first nite, but a storm pushed us to go ahead and go to Pueblo.  We went to the zoo before heading to a hotel.


2011-07-17 vacation


Then we headed to Colorado Springs to visit the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo where we spent several hours.  Definitely a must see! We visited all these places on our honeymoon and they were just as great this time!






From there we went to the North Pole.  We were a little worried Landry wouldn’t like the rides, but he had the best time EVER!








As a note- we put him on this ride, not knowing that it went lightning fast! Poor kid by the end of it was mashed up against the side trying to hang on!



We stopped back in Pueblo to the “Children’s Museum” but it was an utter joke.  We were literally there for 15 minutes and 13 of that was unnecessary.

2011-07-17 vacation1

Since we missed Trinidad the first day, we stopped at their Aquatic Center aka- Pool and played in the water for a while (iphone pics).  Of course, Landry LOVED this probably the most!  He had the biggest smile after coming off the huge slide with his daddy.

iphone 153iphone 154

We ate dinner in Trinidad and the power went off because of a storm, so we decided to head on to Angel Fire.

These are through Raton Pass, it all burned a few weeks back. 


We visited Red River and Taos there and just kinda hung around the cabin.  The kids enjoyed getting to play with their new toys they picked up.



These are phone pics from Taos

iphone 156iphone 158

We stopped at the Farmer’s Market in Eagle’s Nest and I picked up mini cantaloupes and cucumber pickles.  And the other is the resident chipmunk we saw all week.

iphone 159iphone 161

Landry is obsessed with horses.  We stopped here a few times and before we left AF, I snapped some pics of him.


Overall, we had a fabulous time.  Minus crabby babies in the car, I consider it a success! It sure stunk having to come back to reality!


Grandma said...

Tori and Chris it was great fun seeing your family vacation to the mountains. This brings special memories to me. Landry certainly had an exciting time at the zoo. He is a brave little one to try everything he gets close to. The straw hats they wore looks cute on both the kids. They look so happy and excited seeing so many new things. Chris seemed to have lots of fun with the kids. Good pictures showing a loving family.Bet Santa enjoyed the kids. Ansley wasn't sure what he was with all the whiskers. Glad you had a fun time.

Granthamania said...

Gald y'all had fun! I see Landry like to ride bare back...er bare butt! haha. He's a riot! Also, Ansley looks really grown up in the picture with the licorice.

Courtney said...

What a fun vacation. The North Pole looks like such a neat place for kids.

Diane said...

Looks like everyone had a great time.

Giggles said...

You went to some of our favorite places in Colorado. Have you ever gone to Fun Valley in South Fork? Very nice family oriented place to stay.
We didn't get to go to Colorado this year but my hubby is already planning next year's trip!!


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