Sunday, May 1, 2011

Craft Part 3

Okay – I can’t show you the final product of all this yet, but I thought I would go ahead and show these easy felt flowers!

*excuse the fact the first picture is white and the others are in red*
For an easy rosette cut a strip off the long end of your felt sheet.  For this rosette I only cut it about 2 inches wide
may 019_thumb[1]_thumb
Then just cut “waves” into it
may 021_thumb[1]_thumb
Put a drop of hot glue and roll to start. 
Then glue. Roll. Glue. Roll. Glue. (did ya get that yet?!)
may 022_thumb[1]_thumb
And you’ll end up with this!
may 024_thumb[1]_thumb
may 023_thumb[1]_thumb
For this flower, I learned how to make it here.
Cut about a 3 inch wide strip – again, off the longest side – fold it in half and glue together.
may 030_thumb[2]_thumb
Sorry I didn’t get pics of this part, but cut slits into the folded strip about 1/4 of an inch apart.  Just like the above flower, put a dot of hot glue, roll, glue, roll, glue.
Fluff it up and you get this!
may 026_thumb[1]_thumb
This last one, again start with a strip.  I did this one only about 2-3 inches wide (did you notice that I used the same pic?!)
may 030_thumb[1]_thumb
Only don’t fold it in half this time!
Cut slits into it again about 1/4 of an inch apart
may 031_thumb[2]_thumb
Dab of glue, roll, glue, roll, glue.
may 033_thumb[1]_thumb
And you end up with this!
may 028_thumb[1]_thumb
Like I said, I'll have more to add to the flower thing later. But so far, I think the ones I have done turned out fun!
Easy peasy!

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