Thursday, May 19, 2011


We enjoyed a nice little trip to the mountains last weekend.

When we first pulled in, we were greeted by elk!  They looked super shaggy, but we always enjoy seeing them regardless.

mountains 007mountains 008

Landry and Ansley were definitely glad to be out of their carseats (as much as momma was glad to be out of the car period…)

mountains 013

When I was pregnant with Landry, Big Daddy and I went to the Alpaca farm in Mora and had a good time, so we thought he’d have fun this time.

We got their about 45 minutes before their feeding time, so we had plenty of time to wander around and let Landry play.

mountains 014

Ansley playing with one (of three) of her new Alpaca toys

mountains 015

Instead of a lawn mower, they just let a few of the animals graze

mountains 016

mountains 017

He of course had to push Ansley around and only tipped her over once.

mountains 019

mountains 020

Some of the higher mountains still had snow.  The day before we got to the mountains the high was 37 with snow and rain, but they whole time we were there it stayed around 65.

mountains 022

Some of the 350 Alpaca’s they have, along with horses, llama’s and Great Pyrenees. (As an alpaca lesson in case you ever wanted to know… bears and coyotes do NOT mess with any of the animals at the farm.  They are terrified of the llama’s and the dogs.  I asked Big Daddy why in the world everyone in the mountains doesn’t own a llama and a great pyrenees?)

mountains 024

The first baby of the season with it’s momma.  The cute little thing was only 6 days old.

mountains 026mountains 027

This is a llama.  You can tell cause his legs aren’t hairy like the rest of its body.  Alpacas have fur everywhere.

mountains 029

We were kinda worried Landry would end up being terrified of the alpacas since they would be on his level, but as soon as the guy walked us into the field and gave him the food, he was in love.

mountains 031

I think the other 3 people out there feeding them only got a cup full of food, cause Landry kept asking for more and I’m pretty sure ended up feeding them like 13 cups of food.

mountains 033

I think the guy in charge was a little nervous about Landry.  During our instructions he made it a point to tell him that under no circumstance was he to chase the animals.  Have no fear, he was so enamored with them and they liked him (his food) so much they were all buddies.

mountains 035

We got to play with the “kindergarten” class.  They are the babies from last year.  Each year they name all the babies according to something, so these babies were all named after singers or music related.

This is Gene Simmons (KISS), and the white you see is Pink.

mountains 036

Him and Landry really liked each other

mountains 038mountains 039

These ones are also kindergarteners, just a little younger.  They are so precious.  You cannot imagine how unbelievably soft their hair is, it’s amazing.

mountains 040

I love this one.  You can barely see Landry’s head above the animals.

mountains 043mountains 046mountains 050mountains 051

We also went to the community center park.  The wind had picked up so we didn’t stay too long.

mountains 052mountains 054mountains 056mountains 058mountains 060mountains 062mountains 063mountains 067mountains 068

Poor sister had to just kick it in her stroller.

mountains 071mountains 073mountains 078mountains 079mountains 080

All the pics with Daddy and Ansley were way blown out, but look fine in black and white.  Who knows.

mountains 081mountains 083mountains 084

Besides that, we hung around the cabin! 

mountains 086

It was a good trip, only to come back home to reality and laundry.

mountains 089

Even Harli got to go and she had a BLAST! 

mountains 087


Granthamania said...

That looks like fun! Both of the kids are looking even more grown up that the last time I saw them :(

Diane said...

I think Landry needs a llama! :)

Grandma said...

Glad you had a great trip to the cabin. The pictures are real good. These memories will be with you forever. The kids were so cute and Chris was helping them to have fun. Tori, you capture perfect pictures of family togetherness. I am proud of your special family.


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