Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Life around our house sucks.  Both the kids have RSV and i've got some sort of all over head junk.

We took the kids into the on call doctor on Saturday and Landry left being diagnosed with bronchitis and the makings of an ear infection. Ansley had red ears but her chest sounded fine.  By Monday morning Ansley was wheezing like Landry and both were coughing something fierce.  Our pedi tested Ansley for RSV which came back positive.  She said she wasn't even gonna waste our time testing Landry, cause if Ansley had it, so did he.

Both were put on breathing treatments every 4 hours and Landry was to continue his antibiotic for the ear infection.  She warned me that Ansley was going to get worse before she got better and indeed she did.  We ended up taking her back yesterday and got her put on steroids.  She said she was worse but not bad enough for the hospital (thank goodness). 
So, all day yesterday all she could have to eat was pedialyte.  She HATED the flavored kind, but liked the non-flavored one.

Here's Landry "sleeping."  Notice his cot? Monday night, mom stayed with me since Chris was at work.  It was a pure 100% disaster.  Landry refused to go to sleep.  We tried mom on the couch & Landry on the cot.  Me on the couch - Landry on cot.  Mom in his bed, me in his bed.  Finally he went to sleep in my bed.  Mom slept on the couch (for maybe a total of 10 minutes) and Ansley slept in her swing.  And when I say slept, I mean in 5 minute increments.  It was horrible.

Landry takes his spells on feeling okay and feeling horrible.

Uh oh, he woke up!!
Harli didn't want her picture taken.

But this fella did!

Sweet girl is still smiling and talking.  Although she did lose her voice.  It seriously breaks my heart.
One of MANY breathing treatments

Ansley getting her first breathing treatment

Yet another one.

I guess on the plus side, Landry's had lots and lots of popsicles!

I certainly hope everyone else is feeling better than we are! 
Just please keep the babies in your prayers that they start feeling better soon!


Grandma said...

TORI, Hope the little ones are better today. I always have your family in my prayers as well as my other loved ones. A mothers job is never done nor does she get much rest. The babies look like you are taking very good care of them. Hope you are feeling better too.

Granthamania said...

oh dear. I hope they feel better soon. I can't get over how much Ansley is starting to look like Landry! They are both such cute cute kids. I can't wait to see them again. It makes me angry that I can't get there this weekend but I guess since they aren't feeling's better that way. I'll come when they are both feeling better!

Courtney said...

AWWW poor things. I hope everyone is feeling better soon.


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