Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Back to Life.

Life is finally getting back to normal around here!  I think we were all going stir crazy cooped up in this house!
The kids had check ups at the pedi on Friday; Landry was much better and only needs breathing treatments every once in a while. Ansley still had wheezing and the rsv went into an ear infection, so the poor baby got a shot (which I made 100% sure she got what she was supposed to!).  She also still has to have breathing treatments for another week.  But as long as everyone is finally on the mend, I'm pretty much willing to do anything! Anywho.  She said that as of Monday (yesterday) that we could do anything.  So Landry got to go back to "school" today and I went back to work this week as well.

Now to some fun randomness!

Ansley has a love relationship with her hands.  Landry never really was that interested in his, so I find it funny that she is!  She shows no interest in her thumb (thank goodness), but usually just licks the palm of her hand.  Weird, I know.  My favorite thing though is when the "claw" comes out and gets her.  I've got to get it on video.  She'll put her hand in front of her face and stare at it for awhile then slowly the hand comes toward her face.  All of a sudden, the claw grabs onto her nose and under her eyes.  Sometimes she'll fuss at it and other times kind of talk to it.  I find it hilarious.  But then again, when it comes to my kids, it doesn't take much to entertain me.
For some reason, she was chewing on her fingers here.

Every once in a while if I have my camera out lately, Landry will fuss and stand in front of me until I take his picture.  Very seldom will he smile though! That's okay though, if he'll stand still long enough, that's all I ask for!

He wanted a picture next to sister while I was cleaning the kitchen.

A HUGE shoutout to my Aunt Diane for making Ansley some super cute outfits!
We loved getting to see you for a little bit!
This seriously might be one of my very favorite outfits ever.  It is seriously so.so.so.cute! And she rocked her pink boots too!

So, as usual, my good intentions were an epic FAIL.
I am desperate for a cute picture of the kids together.  Desperate.
Keevan and Kaleb are at the age where they can listen...my kids? Not so much.
*note- I didn't even waste time trying to edit these to look good, I figured, why bother.*

Case 1: Ansley's okay in this one except she looks albino for some reason.  Landry? Well, see for yourself.

Case 2: Ansley's looking at some unforseen object in the other room and I think Landry is trying to hide behind Kaleb's hand.

Case 3: Enough said

Case 4:  Ansley is still focused on the formerly mentioned unseen and Landry is in party mode.

Case 5: Landry is trying to hang himself

Case 6:  Landry does not want to even sit and we've lost Ansley's bow.

Case 7:  Disaster

Case 8: Kaleb looks cute!

Case 9:  At least Landry wanted to be the main subject!

Case 10: This is the best it got
Needless to say, I chose the best 10 to show you.  Does that tell you how horrible the rest were?!

Ansley wore another of her outfits from Diane today!  Mom & Dad got her this new bow to wear with all her Christmas outfits! Dad said she looked like a Christmas Clown.  I thought she was adorable!  It's a top & pants and the pants are even super cute with the Christmas shirts my mom has made for her! WooHoo!!

He almost smiled!
Does it get any cuter?!
Sorry for all the random pics!  I hope everyone is looking forward to Christmas!! It's not very far away!!


Diane said...

I really like the photos of the cousins. It reminds me of when we use to try to take photos of the 4 of you. Not an easy chore but good for a ton of laughs. Keep the photos coming; random or not.

Granthamania said...

Thanks for a good laugh! The pictures aren't bad but they are funny. It's hard to get a bad photo with kids that cute.

Grandma said...



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