Friday, September 3, 2010

Sweet babies

Just a few random pics from yesterday and today!

Landry insisted on holding Ansley
Don't they both look mischevious?
Giving his sister some love!
We've been having a lot of problems with our back porch.  It leaks horribly any time it rains and it sags something awful in the center.  We knew it needed some work, so last nite the boys (Chris & Landry) obviously decided it was time to do so!  Needless to say, where the middle is sagging was completely rotted.  So they've been working on it all day today!

Landry is obsessed with shoes.  One of his favorite things is to help Chris put on his boots or tennis shoes.  So today he comes in and runs into his room and comes out with his fireman boots.  He then took off his sandals and tried to put his boots on by himself.  After I helped him get them on, this was the outcome.
And yes, his shirt & his face is red from gatorade.
Ansley & me went through Landry's clothes.  She was a big help!
See, she's already giving me attitude about taking her picture!
This is how she fell asleep while I was holding her this afternoon! I had to have Big Daddy bring me my camera! She's just too precious!

I have some really cute video's to share, but it's taking FOREVER for them to upload, so I'll put them up tomorrow!


Diane said...

Love the photos. I can't believe one of your children would give you attitude. They obviously don't take after their mom. lol

Grandma said...

I missed these pictures and late reports. Hope Chris and Landry will get the back porch fixed before Fall. These are real good and shows how they feel about (Smile your on candid camera).Thanks Tori for sharing your sweet babies.


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