Monday, September 6, 2010

More Video's!!

I had to share these video's of Landry and Harli.  I don't know if anyone else will find it funny or not, but it gives you a small glimpse of the kind of trouble these two get into!

Landry really enjoys "driving" our vehicles. And by drive I mean sit behind the wheel and push buttons while the car is not on and parked safely in the garage.  Anywho.  Saturday while Ansley & me were inside, the boys and Harli were out back working.  That's when I hear the garage door go up, then down. Then up. Then down.  Then a horn honk. And honk and honk.  Then a car alarm go off.  At this point I'm hoping it's being caused by my child and we're not being robbed! 
After a while, Chris came in and got me to come watch.  But that now Harli was driving and Landry was riding shotgun.  Hope you enjoy!
Landry and his sidekick had locked themselves in the truck, so when Chris went to open the door, he set off the alarm.  Then he couldn't find the keys!
In case you can't tell, the cigar he's eating is bubblegum.  They were the one's from when Ansley was born and he completely destroyed the box to get one!

There's no point to this one either but I like how Harli shows her goofy personality. Oh, I'm a happy dog!!

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Granthamania said...

I'm so glad Landry and Harli are buds!! These are funny!


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