Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dirty Boy

I have a few random pictures from this week to share.
Grammy & Grampy brought Landry this wheel barrow and he LOVES it!  Seeing as he's a real working man, it certainly comes in handy!
Notice his side-kick with him?
This is the after math of giving him a mini candy bar after school!
The little miss sleeps all spread out!
Told ya it was random!!


Granthamania said...

Does she always sleep like that? People kept telling me to swaddle Chloe but she liked to sleep spread out, too so that never worked. Landry is so grown up. I need to borrow his new toy for some work around here.

Grandma said...

I like the pretty attire Ansley is napping in. She is resting to good. The wheelbarrow Landry is pushing brings back special memories of Tori and Joshua cleaning our yard after the deer had paid a visit at the lake. He will make good use of it I'm sure. He is such a busy boy and always smiling.


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