Saturday, September 11, 2010

1 Month!

I know... two posts in one day? Unheard of!!

Ansley Dawn, you are ONE month old today!!
So, pretty little girl... what have you been up to lately?

  • I'm guessing you're around 10-11 pounds now (you were 9lbs. 10 oz. at 2 weeks)

  • You wear size 1 diapers

  • And 0-3 month clothing

  • You eat every 2.5 to 3 hours during the day, because you're lazy and usually fall asleep!

  • Typically, you wake up 2 times during the nite to eat

  • I think you prefer it to be noisy! Which makes sense with all the noise your brother makes!

  • Speaking of your big brother, he LOVES you! (usually!)

  • You already have your daddy wrapped around your finger.  He said you can't date til you're 38 and can't marry til your 40's!

  • Landry loves to hold you, but sometimes I think it makes you nervous!

  • He always tries to get you to play with your stuff or drink out of his cup.  I don't think he understands that you're too little still!

  • Landry loves to get ALL of your blankets out your dresser! Today he covered himself up and laid down to talk to you!
Little girl, you are so loved!  This month has gone by so fast, we cannot believe we've been blessed with you in our lives!  I hope you and your brother grow up to be friends, he is so proud of you and helps me so much everyday!
We look forward to watching you grow up and thank God everyday that he has trusted us to raise you!  You are certainly our little princess!! We love you!!

Even though we are celebrating on this day, we grieve as well for all the lives lost on 9/11.  What bravery was shown still amazes me to this day.  We will never forget.  We are so thankful to live in this free country, but it comes at such a cost to our soldiers and their families.  Please remember that our freedom is not free.  Thank you to the soldiers that fight for our freedom today and to the firefighters and workers that lost their lives on 9/11, we remember you!


Granthamania said...

If you get two comments from me it's because blogger is messed up...

Happy one month, Ansley! You are so beautiful. I can't tell if you look more like your mom or your dad but you can tell your Landry's sister! You are precious. I can't wait to hold you. We MIGHT be heading to Amarillo in December.

Grandma said...

Ansley is so pretty and a precious baby girl.She looks adorable in her birthday dress. Her big brother will always be her bodyguard. They both are so special to me. The month passed so fast. God has blessed you with wonderful children.

Diane said...

Can't believe it has already been a month! She is so cute. Can't wait to actually get to hold her.

Courtney said...

She is precious! I love the pictures of the two of them together.


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