Friday, February 25, 2011


Yesterday morning, after putting Harli out and me starting to work on Landry's lunch, I heard the sound of boots running, the back door opening & slamming.

This is what I found.

Do you notice how he rides with no hands? Safe, right?

Getting stuck

My poor child always looks homeless. *Do you see the new boots? He's so proud of them!

Yesterday was also the Transportation Parade at Landry's "school"
-which was a joke-

It was windy & chilly and only a few kids out of each class even really participated
But I did love the pink cadillac!

And the hot air balloon

And the space ship

After Landry's class decided to get up from naps, thet finally came outside.
They were supposed to be a train.  So all they did was say "choo, choo"

At least they're cute!

Kaleb was desperate to hold Ansley last nite, as you can tell, she didn't mind that too much!

Seeing as how we still don't have a decent picture of all the kids, we tried again.
Epic fail....again

This is as good as it got!

Mom & me cut Landry's hair today, so he had his shirt off.  So when it came time to leave, he did NOT want to put his clothes back on.  He picked his own clothes out of the drawer and this is what he came up with.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!


Granthamania said...

Looks like you do an excellent job of choosing your battles. I used to let the 2 year old next door pick her clothes out, too. Her mom did not appreciate the creativity...

I love the pictures of Ansley kicking Landry in the face. haha.

Diane said...

I remember all the Sundown parades; book parades, character parades, etc. Y'all had fun. I think the photos of the kids are great. Candid is much better than posed. It shows the "real" them.

Grandma said...

My cute greatgrand children. They are really trying to outdo one another with their cute smiles. Ansley didn't have to think about it. She likes being the only girl and dressed so cute. That is a real special blog . Landry is so cute with the boots on. Bet he got really cold that day.


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