Saturday, February 12, 2011

More Snow Days!

Just a quick pic of sister nappin in the bouncer...

We got around 7 inches of snow Tuesday nite!  It was awesome! (Not to mention I got 2 days off of work! :))

This is the back door

Looking out the front door

Kitchen window

Garage door

Chris worked on Wednesday, so Dad, Terry & Phillip had to do snow removal duty everywhere.

Landry & me went out while they were here, and even though we only stayed out for about 5 minutes, I'm pretty sure I had hypothermia.

I know you can't tell, but Harli was looking out the window
Yep, sister nappin' in the bouncer... again.

The boys came over on Thursday after school to make their Valentine's (which I'll share later! They turned out SO cute!) So they all played outside

Kaleb cannon balling into the drift

Landry was trying to make a snow angel like Keevan

Snow angel maker

And this was yesterday when Chris realized our main sprinkler pipe has burst outback.  Lovely.

And just for fun.
After tearing down & re-doing some of the walls due to the kitchen remodel, Chris had to repaint & glaze some walls in our living room.  As with anything his daddy does, Landry had to help.  Chris decided to leave his sweet little handprint.  Looking at the wall, no one would ever notice it, but in this pic it's so noticeable!
PS - keep this picture in mind, it's part of the Valentine's day fun I'll share later!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


Granthamania said...

that handprint is awesome! Sorry to hear about your burst pipe...good thing you have a handy husband;)

Grandma said...

Looked like everyone had a real fun day. Glad it will start melting soon. Can hardly wait to see what you are surprising us with for Valentine Day. Ansley sure enjoys her bouncey lounger. Happy Valentine Day.


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