Monday, February 21, 2011

Coffee Filter Cupcake Liner Crafts

**Family- you've already seen these so ignore this post!**

I'm sure you've seen something like these around Blog-Land.  So, these are just my take on them!
I made a LOT of decorations for my friends baby shower last month, so I thought I'd give a little more detail about everything.

Ever heard of Coffee Filter Flowers?  Pretty much the cheapest decoration you will ever make.
You don't even need the food coloring or the floral tape, it's just a little something extra!

I chose to dye most of the filters random colors.  I pretty much did every color I could make out of those 4 colors.
All you need to do is put water in a plate or a dish and add a few drops of food coloring.  (The more you dye, the more color you'll need to add)

I basically would lay the filter in the water mix and then scrunch it up & repeat!  I'd fill the plate up and go back to the first filter and squeeze the extra water out of it

Then lay it out on towels 
**LESSON LEARNED** Put the wet coffee filters in the DRYER!!  I didn't try this til my 2nd to last batch and oh my gracious could I have saved a ton of time.  I just set my dryer to "Air Dry" and checked on it every few minutes.  It will not only dry them in minutes, it will wrinkle them up nicely!
After they are dry (i'm sorry I don't have a picture of this process) take a skewer (in my case, I wrapped them in floral tape, but it's totally up to you!) and pierce it through the middle of the coffee filter.  From here all you do is twist the base of the filter and wrap a little floral tape or masking tape for that matter around it.
Now add another filter and do the same thing.
And another filter.
I usually did 4-5 filters per flower, depending on how big you want them.

On some of the filters after they were dry, I would fold them up in quaters and either cut a point or a curve on the top and it will totally change the way the flower turns out!

Add 'em to a vase and ta-da! Flower arrangements!

With the wreath, I just used plain 'ol white coffee filters.  Just hold the middle bottom of the filter and slide your free hand up until it's kind of scrunched (I do this the SAME way I "fluff" tissue paper for presents), I then held the point at the bottom against the wreath and stuck a straight pin through it to hold!

After it was almost done!

Yes, my kitchen was a disaster!

See the hanging balls?  Same technique as the wreath, only we covered styrofoam balls

This is also the same technique, but I used CUPCAKE LINERS.  I found super duper cute ones at Michaels.  Once again, I covered a styrofoam ball, stuck it on a wrapped skewer stick and stuck it in a flower pot I painted!

I'm sorry my "tutorials" stink.  I'm new to this linking up stuff!  If you have questions, feel free to ask, and I'll be more than glad to help!!

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Ten Cow said...

Those are really cute! I'm going to have to try that!

Terry said...

I made some flowers from coffee filters too! Wasn't it fun to add them to the colored water? I felt like a little kid making these, I smiled the whole time. Your's turned out really pretty! I'm following your blog now - love this project!

Mari said...

Great Spring Crafts,
I've featured you here:
Thanks for sharing.

Green Door Girl said...

very cute, I might have to this... I don't drink coffee, but my parents do when they visit, so I have lots of extra filters sitting around... :)

Catalina said...

That is adorable, and looks pretty simple. Hope to see you on my blog sometime:

Tammy @ she wears flowers said...

So pretty! I really like the styrofoam ball decorations!

Krysti said...

I love these flowers. I know that you said they were all over blogland, but I haven't seen them before. I am a Kindergarten Teacher and I am going to use these flowers as this years Mother's Day craft. The wreath is so whimsical, I love it. The topiaries are cute too. What a great post. I am a new blogger, check me out if you get a chance.

Karen said...

I love how the colors turned out! Very pretty:) New follower. Have a great day!!

Rachel {} said...

oh wow! so many ideas... they look great! Thomas Madaj

Theresa @ Just Call Me "T" said...

Thanks for visiting my page... I thought I'd pay you a visit now- and am a new follower too! :)

These are SO cute! I do have a question... Did your dryer get stained by the food coloring?


Anonymous said...

Ok very very beautiful.


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