Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Swim Lessons & Big Boy School!

It's official.  Landry is no longer my baby.  After the past few days, in my eyes, he officially became a big boy. 

Monday, he started swimming lessons.  He loves the water and honestly has no fear, so we though it might be good for him.  At his age, they offer Parent & Me classes, so Big Daddy got in with him while I watched.  He had a BLAST!  I took these pics with no flash or anything, so they are not good at all, but I think they show his excitement!
Then... yesterday Landry started Big Boy School.  It's actually Mother's Day Out, but we've been hyping it up as school to him!  We thought about starting it in the fall, but with Ansley coming, we figured it would be good for him to be around smaller kids before she got here, not to mention it would give mom a break and give her a chance to do what she needs to!

Harli of course woke him up yesterday and then they had to share his breakfast of blueberry pancakes!
No one was available to go with me, so I had to take pictures just at the house.

A smile full of pancakes!
Obviously this is his serious pose!
Silly Boy
I LOVE this one!  He is so big!
I only cried twice yesterday morning, so I consider that a success.  Landry didn't notice when I left, he was too busy playing with balls and eating crackers!
When I picked him up yesterday afternoon, he really didn't show any interest in me until a little girl pulled on my dress and was saying "mama, mama"  and Landry ran up to me kinda like "um, excuse me, that would be my mom."   They said he took a nap and ate the kid next to him's vegetables.  Which is odd, since the kid won't eat veggies for any of us.

I think he's going to have a great time and really enjoy playing with the other kids this summer!  Hopefully there won't be any biting, hitting, pinching....

Trissa and the boys met us at the house so they could play in the sprinklers!
Landry usually isn't one to enjoy that, but after watching his big cousins, he jumped right in and turned into a crazy man!
Trissa helped me organize Landry's things the other day, and Trissa caught them playing in the toy closet!  They were being so quiet, we were kinda worried!
Overall, it has been a busy week so far!  Hopefully Landry continues to enjoy his new activities!  We are so proud of our big boy!

On a side note.  I have a vent that I need to get off my chest.
If you have a problem with the age difference between our children, I would appreciate it if you would keep it to yourself. 
Let me tell you this, YES surprises DO happen.  Even with precautions to prevent it, they do indeed happen. 
It's called life.

Also, I think this is the best surprise that God could grant us and we couldn't be more thrilled!

I do not think it is anyone's business how close or how far apart a couple chooses to have their children.  That is a personal decision and if you have a problem with it, then I think you should tell someone who cares, because it isn't me.


Grantham said...

Landry does look like a big boy in those pictures. I almost cried thinking about you dropping him off...probably the hormones but I feel for you.

Also, I hear ya. Mark and I know all too well that you can't plan these things and I was telling someone that yesterday. Although, we found that out the reverse way you guys did...if you catch my drift. We had a bit of trouble getting our baby (so I envy you). Here's a thought: God plans it better than we can anyway. Don't let anyone stress you out.

Mom said...

Landry is such a big boy and so full of life. He is enjoying his summer to the fullest.
I understand your vent and like Kim said God's plans are better than what we could ever plan.

Grandma said...

Tori, you got lots of fun pictures of your big boy. He and Chris had a good time in the big pool. He has a jolly personality and will like being with little ones his age. He will help them to grow up since he has been "lucky" to have two cousins to spend time with.

Dustin and Colleen said...

Hi Tori! I love looking at all your photos of your adorable family, can't believe how big Landry is getting! As far as your vent goes - kids are a blessing no matter when/where/how they come into your life, praise God Landry is going to have a beautiful little sister to play with! They are your kids - forget the critics and remember you're the one that will answer for how you raised them when its all said and done! Congratulations on the little one on the way!! Are you having a shower? Let me know!

Blessings, Colleen

Diane said...

Can't tell who was having more fun at swimming, Chris or Landry.:) Glad you found him a good MDO program. Kim got really aggrevated at people and their unsolicited opinions too. Try not to listen to them. Everyone is needs to live life the way it works best for them. Now here is my unsolicited opinion... Outsiders don't know the circumstances leading to events in your life. It's none of their business and you owe no one an explanation because what works for one isn't the best for others.


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