Monday, June 7, 2010

Fun Filled Weekend!!

What a fun weekend we had!  It was insanely hot here and it was miserable outside!

We had bought Harli a new bigger water dish last week and Saturday morning I guess Landry decided to cool himself off! He had been playing outback while I did some things around the house and when I noticed he had gotten quiet, this is how I found him!
Little booger was happy as a clam! 
We spent the rest of the weekend telling him no, that dog food, his sippy cup, bowls etc. do NOT in fact go in the dog's water. 

Terry and Keevan had boy scout camp this weekend and Big Daddy worked on Saturday, so after a day of swimming and snocones, Trissa and Kaleb stayed the nite with Landry and me! 

Landry thinks that anything Kaleb does, he has to do as well.  Hence both boys being in "underwear."
Harli is getting so big!  However, as she grows, she's not really gaining any weight.  We've switched her food to an all natural high-protein  one, but if anyone has any suggestions I would gladly take them!!
She looks so cute and innocent.  Well, let me just tell you, looks are deceiving.  I've nic-named her Satan.  Honestly.  Talk about puppy stage.  Eesh.
Studdly Kaleb!  Always one to pose!
I had forgot about this picture on my mom's camera!!  She had bought the boys shark swim caps and one day last week Landry's Zia (Trissa) put it on him and he thought it was hilarious!  He just kept smiling and didn't want to take it off!  Is that not the funniest thing! :)
Yesterday, dad and Chris loaded up Landry's crib so Chris can start re-doing it for Ansley and also moved out a big chest-of-drawers to go to mom's!  Needless to say, both Landry and Ansley's room were disasters!  Trissa, Kaleb and me organized Landry's room and got a lot of stuff separated for a garage sale that we hope to be having soon!

Big Daddy and Landry swam for a little bit last nite so he could see Landry's new floatie.  Let me tell you that we (dad, mom, Chris, me) have bought EVERY type of flotation device ever invented.  In the pool, Landry just wants to play like the big boys.  Don't worry, someone is ALWAYS by him.  But he just doesn't want to be held.  However, every type of floatie pushes him forward where his face is in the water.  Not such a good problem.  I had actually bought this at Academy but returned it because I figured it would do the same thing as the rest of them.

Then late last week, mom said "oh, I ordered Landry a new float."  When I saw it, I told her I had already bought and returned it, but that we would try it.

Guess what?  HE LOVES IT!!!  He kicks like a crazy man!
The only drawback to it is that the strap that goes in between his legs is like a thong!!  It gives him super wedgies!

I know there are a lot of video's, but I just couldn't decide between all of them!

This is when we first got Harli and Trissa and I dressed her up in a hawaiin skirt and lei!

These next 3 are of Landry swimming last nite.  He loves the water so much!  He's such a little fishy!

Landry starts swim lesson's today!!
Big Daddy is taking him and I'm going to watch!
I'll post pictures and the video's tomorrow!

Have a wonderful day!

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Diane said...

Looks like you need a bigger water dish or maybe a wading pool. At least Grammy and Grampy have a big "water dish" for Landry to swim in. :)


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