Thursday, June 3, 2010

Our Pretty Girl

Am I on a role or what?  Two posts in less than a day...that's a record!

We had a growth sonogram and doc. appointment this morning!  We got to see our pretty little girl!
First off, let me tell you.  I feel like a whale.  My belly is HUGE.  Remember that post a while back about how everyone at the hospital thought I was there to actually have the baby?!  Well, today we found the cause of that!

We have a BIG girl on our hands!
When the sono tech switched over to 4d, I said, wow she looks chunky!
So she weighed her and she's 3 lbs 14 oz!!  That's in the 85th percentile!!
Also, one of the reasons I look so huge is that she's laying sideways.  Her head is on the left side of my belly and her feet are on my right! Silly girl obviously didn't get the memo that she's supposed to lay vertically, not horizontally! :)

I have a couple more pics of her face but she kept putting her hand in front of her!
Is she honestly not the most precious little thing you've ever seen!!
Look at her LONG toes! She obviously got those from her Grammy cause gosh knows her momma has sausage toes!!

Also, it appears that Miss Ansley has a lot of hair!  See on the right side of the sono the circle thing?  That's her head.  Now see where the fuzzy looking stuff is around the circle?  Yep, that's her hair!!
Oh, and in case you were wondering?  She's still a girl!  hehe.
We go back in three weeks and have to have some decisions made by that time.  Majority of those decisions though are based on whether or not she keeps growing like this!  We shall see! 

Hope y'all enjoyed seeing pic's of our precious little girl!  I know we certainly did!

Hope y'all have a good day!


Mom said...

Well Ansley has long toes--good for picking things up without bending over ;)

Can't wait to see those chubby cheeks in person.

Grandma said...

Tori,sounds like she is a copy of you as a baby. She has a pretty face and well developed foot. Landry will be a good big brother to his little sister(he will like his new toy.)Glad you and Ansley got a good report today.


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