Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Fun!

Big Daddy had to go back to the station yesterday, so we decided to go visit him for Father's Day!

My brother, sis-in-law, and nephews went with me and Landry for our little road trip as well!  We stopped and got a cake for Chris for father's day and grabbed lunch and showed up at the firehouse!

After lunch we looked all around.
The boys had to check out where he slept.
Okay, so the fire poles.... 
I always ask Chris if he using the poles?  He almost always tells me no, he uses the stairs.  In which I reply that that is ridiculous and he should just slide down the pole.
Well, the boys are obsessed with the firepoles.  All they talked about was getting to slide down them.  We
had all told them that they could.  WRONG.

This is the fire pole in the kitchen/dining room.  Now, I do give credit because it has a gate and is enclosed in kind of a meshed metal.  However, it's about a mile to the floor.  The cute little hatch opens up when a person's weight is on the pole, so Chris would pull on the pole so we could see how it opened up.  We (the adults) quickly agreed that the kids were absolutely NOT going down that pole.  The station is so tall it's almost the equivalent of 3 stories.  Yeah, not gonna happen.
So the boys pouted and whined.  I asked them "I thought you wanted to come down here to visit your uncle and wish him a happy father's day?"  Do you know their reply?  "No, TT, we wanted to slide down the fire poles."  Well, okay.  At least they're honest.

This is the fire pole in the bedroom.  Notice that it has no safety netting or ANYTHING around it?  Eesh!
Thankfully Big Daddy was a sport and slid down the pole to show the boys.  I think I got the biggest kick out of it though!
That's why I'm posting this youTube video, I saw this a while back and ever since then every time I think of that fire pole, I imagine Big Daddy doing this!

Holy cow, I seriously think that's hilarious...

Then the boys had to all work out.
This was taken about 2 1/2 seconds before Chris sounded the sirens and my child jumped 10 feet in the air.  I really don't think I've ever laughed that hard!

He tried to put the seat belt on by himself!
We have such precious boys in the family!
Our little family.  And yes, I'm a whale.
Landry was also really interested in the pole but couldn't quite figure out what to do with it!
Keevan, being the little monkey that he is, climbed up the pole a good ways!
Then came back down!
A few of Landry and Chris.
I love this one, I just wish he wasn't sticking his arm out!
We got home mid afternoon-ish and headed to mom and dad's for some Father's Day celebrations with my dad.  We got to swim and they cooked out, so we had lots of great food!  I never did get a picture of Grampy with the boys, but I did get a picture of Landry enjoying his cupcake!!
I have a great dad, a fabulous dad for my children and a brother who is wonderful to my nephews.  I could not be more grateful for the three of them! 

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


Grantham said...

i'm jealous. I've never been to a fire station. Looks like fun! Thanks for the 'inside scoop.' Glad y'all had a good father's day.

Diane said...

Looks like everyone had a blast. BTW-You don't look like a whale; just looks like you are retaining a little water. :) lol I love the top/dress you are wearing. (can't tell which since you zoomed in)

Courtney said...

Sounds like a fun day. That video is hilarious!

Grandma said...

I enjoyed the video. I tried to call your dad but decided that he was out of town so I got to wish him Happy Fathers Day on Monday. Better late than never. Sounds like a wonderful day for everyone. We may get more fire men in the family after the nice trip to the fire station.


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