Thursday, August 6, 2009

What a Silly Boy

I put the pictures in the reverse order. Oops.
Anywho, the little mister has been a busy little fella lately. He's growing teeth. Everything I've read said that first they get their bottom two teeth. Then they grow in their top two teeth. So far, Landry has his bottom left front tooth and his top left incisor (next to his front tooth). I wish I could get a picture, between his naturally grown mohawk and his snaggle tooth smile, he sure is a sight to see!
Last nite after his dinner he ate cheerios and cut up bananna. Let's just say, he was FILTHY. He had slime up to his elbows, in the crooks of his knees, in his eyebrows and his ears. We aren't real for sure how much actually made it to his mouth, but he seem to really enjoy it regardless!

Here's my friend Sav with Landry. He used her as a jungle gym the entire time she was over. Not to mention she received several "kisses." (I'm sure her husband is jealous)

These are from Monday at my parents house. Landry LOVES playing with his cousins. They entertain him to no end. So while they horse around the yard Landry sits in his bouncer on the deck and observes (and takes notes, I think).
I think Jeff Foxworth would say something like this...
You might be a redneck if you put a lawn chair on a tricycle and call it your ride.
Then they ride together and pull a sleigh.... who knows.
And of course I had to put Landry's pic up too!

These were supposed to be his 8 month pictures. As you can see, he obviously didn't cooperate.
And you can see what he thought of my sign.
And he's spent....

I can't believe in less than a week, he'll be 9 months old!
So, I need to be getting him a Halloween costume. I was thinking a monkey.
I found one at One Step Ahead that I like. Any other ideas?

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Diane said...

No fair. He needs a plate for launching!


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