Monday, August 3, 2009

What a great weekend we had! Chris had the whole weekend off, so we had lots of good 'ol fashioned family time!
Saturday morning we attented our friends (of which her name is the same as mine, well, first and middle, not last) vow renewal at a gorgeous place. I left my camera (which by the way is on the outs with me. I put in new batteries... they last for 10 minutes and it goes dead again.... repeat this process over and over and over, it's getting old.) in the car and I didn't want to trek back to it just to get it! Lazy, I know. It was really nice though and I really wish I had pictures. It was supposed to be in a cave that is lit by the sun shining through a hole, however, some dunce decided to park his car inside the cave. So they set up the other direction and had a creek as the back drop with the canyon behind them. I think it turned out great! Mom watched the little Mr. so Chris and I could enjoy it without worrying about keeping up with him.
Do you see his tooth? He's obsessed with it. He's learned how to flick his tongue over it and seems to do it all the time. He's also learned how to "toot" with his mouth. Where do boys learn this from? I have no clue, but his favorite time to do it is with a mouth full of food! Believe me, it's messy. And yes, Diane, pay back is a *****. Don't worry, I know that's what you were thinking! :)
And this is how the back of my car looks. Crammed full of kids. Well, kinda. You get the picture.

Do you notice the tear in Addison's eye? She was staring at mom, silently begging for her to be saved. She obviously hates me. She once tried to hang herself on her carseat just so she wouldn't have to go with me. I really don't understand why she doesn't like us, Landry only pulls her hair a few dozen times a day. Who knows.

Here's our family picture before we left for the vow renewal. Can you see that Addi is still THRILLED to be a part of it? You can feel her excitement.

We went with my parents to a hot tub show on Saturday afternoon. At least that's what it was supposed to be. It was awful. Not to mention I think we were the only ones there.
They did have one of those hot tub/pool things that blows out water and you can swim in there. Do you know what i'm talking about? Anywho, I was curious and chatted with the salesman fella and found out that the one I was looking ran $35,000. That's right. Ouch.

Yesterday, we went swimming and had my nephews come over to join us. We had a great time and Landry loved being entertained by them in the pool.
After we got out, Keevan decided to bust out his monkey skills. All I know is that one minute he was on the ground and the next minute he was sitting on top of my fence.
He can also climb the inside of a door jamb. I know, the kid's got talent.
Kaleb tried to climb the tree, but only made it about 6 inches up before sliding back down, so he gave up and played with Landry.

I know you probably think I just got through beating him or something, but I swear I did not. When he's in his bouncer, the kid is OUT. OF. CONTROL. He jumps up and down and does his Tarzan (as his Grammy calls it) yell as loud as he can.
I know the pics are blurry, but you can see his facial expressions still. I have got to get it on video.

I know, he looks a little possessed, I swear he's not.

So, all in all, we had a fabulous weekend! Landry's working on getting his other bottom tooth, so hopefully I can show you that soon!
Hope you have a marvelous day!

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