Thursday, August 13, 2009

I wanna be just like you dad...

The lister mister went to his 9 month check up today and of course to get a shot. But, never fear, he was a trooper.
Chris got to go with us, so of course they had some lovin' time

And play time, obviously

Can you feel the excitement?

Here's his stats...
height : 30 1/2 inches
weight: 21.12 lbs.
He's average height for a 14 month old *95 percentile*
and average weight for a 12 month old *75 percentile*
His doctor said he's growing just like his daddy! Which of course we're happy for!
She also said we had a vampire on our hands... he still only has one bottom tooth and one "fang" tooth on top. It's weird.
She said that's what he should be for Halloween.
Maybe it's a sign... I did LOVE Twilight!

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