Thursday, June 2, 2011


Due to all the wind in our area lately, and complete lack of rain, we’ve been dealing with lots of wildfires.  Last weekend was horrible, it literally felt like our whole town was on fire.  There was fires pretty much everywhere, north of town, south of town, east of town.  Monday morning mom, me and the kids rode around and looked at a little of the damage.

This is where the fire on the north side of town started.  A car broke down and sparked, the fire immediately jumped the highway and took off.

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For as far as your eye could see, was black.

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Luckily, the few houses right here were saved.  How, I don’t know.  The fire went all the way around the houses, needless to say, the fireman were definitely doing their jobs.  Notice Landry’s school in the distance? It was originally the “safe” place for all the evacuee’s to go to, but when the fire kept going, they had to change churches.  Landry’s school then became the headquarters for the National Forest Service and all of the fire stations for around the area to meet.

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Here’s where the fire got some houses.  The only thing left of them were their fireplaces.

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Across the street from where the fire stopped (pictured here) is a whole entire housing development and a school.  My dad’s buddies house is the second house from the street and the fire came within about 100 ft. from their house.  If it would’ve skipped the road, the whole area probably would’ve been lost.

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These are from the fire south of town, not far from where we used to live at the lake.  Most of it was down in the canyon and burned houses in it.

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This house was super lucky.  The fire burned up to the backyard and around their gazebo, but didn’t touch the house.

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We are in desperate need of rain.  In no way do I want the storms that have plagued the eastern states, but a few days of rain showers, I’d take.  Pray for rain!


Granthamania said...

It's too bad. I'll pray for rain for y'all if you'll pray for rain for us...of course, we don't have the fires, yet.

Grandma said...

Thanks Tori for the wildfires pictures. It was very interesting. You do a good job with your camera. Glad you enjoy sharing your talents with others. Wish we could get some good rains. Prayers are certainly going out from many for a good rain soon.

These Are The Days said...

Wildfires are the worst! We have them a lot out here in dry AZ. Where is the lone star state btw? Texas? If so, that's where my parents live...Georgetown. Back to the wildfires, one year we had a huge one that lasted for weeks and weeks (maybe months?). The worst part was, later on, they found out it was started by a fire fighter who wanted to work. Yeah, not kidding, he needed the hours I guess!

Found you over at Beyond our Wildest Dreams. :)


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