Saturday, June 11, 2011

10 Months

Sweet baby girl, you are 10 months old!

10months 002

You still wear size 3 diapers and are now in either 12 or 18 month size clothing!  You’re feet are still at the odd size between a 2 and a 3, so it’s hard sometimes to find a pair to fit you.

10months 003

You’ve learned to wave and will usually say your form of hi or bye (which typically sounds like a grunt of some sort).  You’ve also learned to clap in the last few days.

10months 006

You have no desire to sit still, you like to go at all times.  You pull yourself up and stand on everything.  If you have enough courage, a few times you’ve let go and stood by yourself, although I don’t have intentions of you walking anytime soon (I think you might think it’s too much work!) and besides, you can bear crawl faster than I can walk.

10months 009

Pictures of you are near to impossible! So majority of what I take these days are of your hiney!

10months 010

You still only have 2 teeth.  Some days I think you’re teething, but there’s no site of any more teeth!  You have bit me a few times and the 2 teeth you do have are still extremely sharp.

10months 012

Although you seem to get mad easily, you have the sweetest personality.  You seem to always be smiling.

10months 014

You eat pretty much anything we give you, but your favorites seem to be steak (a girl after her daddies heart!), pork chops, and chicken.

10months 016

As every month prior to this one, the same goes, your brother is still your favorite person.  I think your favorite thing at this age is to wrestle with him.  You don’t hold anything back and he lets you get away with quite a bit.

10months 019

I cannot believe you will be a year old in 2 short months.  I have got to start working on your party, but I have too many cute things tagged and can’t seem to make up my mind! 

10months 020

We love you sweet girl!  You completed our family and we are so lucky to have you!  We look forward to watching you continue to grow and learn new things daily, it’s just as exciting for us as it is for  you!  Love you baby girl!


Ali said...

Happy 10 months little rainbow girlie! :)

Grandma said...

Ansley,you are a cutie pie and could easily be a cute calender baby. You have a special smile that brings smiles from everyone that sees you. Have a fun 10th month today. You and Landry are so cute. It looked like you were wanting your birthday to be behind the big board.

Granthamania said...

Ansley you are growing WAY TOO FAST! We will have to come see y'all soon since you are changing so fast! You are the smiliest baby! Love it!

Diane said...

Time is flying by! She is looking more and more like Landry...such a cutie.


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