Sunday, March 20, 2011

Love Birds?

Landry took Ella for a spin on his 4-wheeler Friday evening.
Luckily, no one was injured this time.
*my child may or may not have run over and then reversed back over Ella one night last week… she wasn’t hurt, just had some tire tracks down the back of her shirt*  I just chalk it up to yet another of their lover’s quarrels.
my camera 331my camera 333my camera 334my camera 336my camera 337my camera 339my camera 340
I’m lacking in pictures and will be most of this week cause I’m without my camera Sad smile BOOOO.
I’ve searched this house high and low and for the life of me I CANNOT find my battery charger.  So Big Daddy ordered me one, and I’m hoping it comes in soon!
Hope you have a marvelous week!


Granthamania said...

That's cute! As a mom, a week without pictures is tough. Booooo. Glad Big Daddy is getting you one.

Grandma said...

Good pictures of the cute friends. I sure miss new pictures and cann't wait for new ones to appear. I adore Ansley and Landry in their pictures. Hope I can see them more often.


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