Friday, March 11, 2011

7 Months!

Sweet baby girl, you are 7 months old today!
You are still in a size 3 diaper
Most of your clothes are 9 months - some are 12 months (like this outfit!)
I'm guessing you're probably around 18-18.5 lbs.  You were 17.7 lbs at your 6 month check up.
You wear a size 2 shoe
As you can tell, your brother is still your favorite person!
You still have NO teeth!
You're eating 2 "meals" a day, usually a lunch and dinner.
You do NOT like green veggies, but you'll eat the orange ones with usually no problems.
You still nurse 3-4 times a day (when I'm home & not at work)
And yes... once or twice at nite.
You are definitely spoiled.  You want someone to pay attention to you at ALL times and you do not like to be left alone.
That being said, you have a LOVE relationship with your jumper.  You *usually* are so content in it, you can play in it for over an hour.  And nap in it...
You can sit up now, but you are not a fan. It usually doesn't last long til you fall over. can roll anywhere!
You still talk a lot, LOUDLY. 
You love to grab anything you can get your hands on, especially hair!
Usually if you can get a good grip on someones hair, you'll pull their face to you so you can "kiss" them.
You are seriously so stinkin' cute!  We could just eat you up! 
I cannot believe that you are now closer to being a year old than you are to being a newborn.  That makes me so, so sad.  You are such a joy to us baby girl!  We love you so very much and look forward to each day, especially to see what you are going to learn!  Thank you for being such a sweet little girl!  We love you baby!


Rissa @ Hazel and Honeysuckle said...

Oh my, she is SUCH a cutie! Beautiful photos, I loved reading through this post!

The Huntington's said...

Gosh! She is such a stunning little girl, love your updates. Gives me an idea of what to be expecting. She is so beautuiful, Tori.

Granthamania said...

She is so pretty. I've said it before but I love love love her big smile!

Grandma said...

Ansley, you are an adorable baby and are learning fast how to conquer your handsome brother. Tori, they are both cute and smart little youngsters. The years pass so fast so spend presious time with them.

Diane said...

She looks so much like Landry in photos. Such a cutie!


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