Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I'm not even gonna go into the fury that I feel right now towards this blog/youtube/vimeo.  Let's just say that the post below this one was originally this post. Make sense? No?  I had it all explained, I had major problems with uploading pictures and videos.  Anywho.  When I published the picture post below, instead of posting a new entry it erased the videos post.

So, here are some video's.  That's it.

mom 022 from Busy B Family on Vimeo.

mom 023 from Busy B Family on Vimeo.

mom 029 from Busy B Family on Vimeo.


Granthamania said...

I saw your other post before it was deleted. I agree with your comments about Blogger and YouTube. I blame Google!

My internet connection is so crappy that I can't watch these videos. I'm sure they are cute...maybe I'll get to watch them when the connection picks back up.

Diane said...

Cute videos. I especially like the last one with the body parts. As you know when you were that age if you were asked where's your nose you put your finger up your nose. ;)


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