Thursday, November 11, 2010

3 Months!

Ansley Dawn, you are 3 months old today!!

So pretty girl, what are you up to this month?

You are wearing size 2 diapers

You usually wear 3 month or 3-6 month clothing

You're still not a fan of tummy time for very long unless it's taking place on your daddy's chest!  In that case, you will stay there so content just talking and cooing to him.

You still sleep in our room in your bassinet.  I figure why mess a good thing up?

You have found your vocal chords! You talk and squeal all the time now and I just love it!

You love your vibrating chair and swing still, you will stay perfectly content in either

You've learned to blow bubbles, so the neck of your clothing is always wet!

You love to smile! It's hard for anyone to give you a bottle because you sit there and smile at them!  That's okay, cause you're a happy little girl!

You are just perfect.

Ansley, you have blessed our lives beyond what we can ever imagine.  You are such a joy to our family. 
Your big brother is so proud of you, it melts my heart.  When we pick him up from school, before he does anything else (including say hi to me!) is grab your carseat and pull it down where he can see you, smiles so big and says "HI SISSY!!"  It's just precious.
You are growing up so fast and it breaks this momma's heart.  You are at such a fun age, learning new things everyday it seems. You are growing up to become such a beautiful little girl (although daddy says you can't date til you're 38 and marry til you're 42)  and although I can't slow it down, I'm gonna enjoy every moment!!
You have made our family complete Ansley.  Between you and your brother, your daddy and me are complete.  We love you so very much.  God has blessed us so much.
We love you baby girl!

This was the very last picture I took.  So when I went through and edited them, I was surprised to find what you really thought of picture taking that day! :)


Mom said...

Well, I guess she told you -- enough naked pictures, Mom. Too cute.

Grandma said...

Ansley is a very happy baby in these pictures. Her smile is so pretty. She looks so much like big brother. Time is passing fast. She is real pretty in her new attire to mark her 3rd month special day. Glad you shared the wonderful STAR ON PARADE DAY for all to enjoy.

Diane said...

It's hard to believe she is already 3 months old. Time flies!
Her smile reminds me of Landry. As for the last photo...she is spending way too much time around the big boys ;)(remember Kaleb a few years back). Too funny.

Granthamania said...

Her Great Uncle Craig knows what to do about that finger problem ;). A long time ago, I asked him what that meant...he said, "It doesn't matter; if I ever see you do it, I'll break your finger off." haha. Still remember that! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the tiney hiney picks!


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