Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wonderful Weekend!

What a busy weekend we had!  I'm pretty sure that after the past 2 days, Big Daddy will not want to be home all weekend ever again!  I think he had to work harder at home than at his jobs! 

Saturday evening, we cooked out and all the boys played.  HARD!  By 7:30 all of them were covered head to toe in filth!  So we threw them all in the tub and they had an absolute blast!
You know kids are dirty when you have to drain the tub and refill it to rinse them off!  I should have taken a picture of the bath water! It was disgusting!
This little man got to stay up 'til 8:45 and usually anytime he gets to stay up late he still wakes up at his usual time.  This morning however... he was LAZY!  I went grocery shopping and talked to big daddy a little after 9 and he finally went in and woke Landry up!  He was just plum tuckered out!
Mom and I headed to Home Depot after lunch to find some pretties to fix our flower beds out front!  Let's just say that our front yard is ugly.  It is, really.  I think every kind of grass is in our yard.  We've tried putting seed down in the bare spots, but it's never taken.  However... I'm determined to make it work.  Chris told me this morning to go get some stuff to put out in the flower beds, cause at least those need to look nice!

These two boys were BIG helpers!
These are the flower beds after Chris took up the old bushes *which were not wasted... we (and by we, I in no part mean me) transplanted them in other spots.
Big Daddy working
And the boys hard at work.
This boy was dirty! Dirty, dirty!
These are after most of the bushes were planted.  For some odd reason, I didn't take pictures after all the plants were planted!  But we still have to get mulch and stuff, so I'll just wait til then!
Terry helped Chris a lot too.  Chris smoked some ribs and chicken, so we invited them to stay and eat.  Let's just say that Terry wanted T-bones and rib-eyes! 
The boys had to take a break from working for popsicle time! Mom found these mini popsicles that are slow melt!  They are seriously the greatest invention ever and Landry thinks that they are amazing!
This was supposed to be our first spring storm coming in.  It never made it though!  It went south of us and then went northeast!  (believe me, as much as we need the rain and moisture, I'm not sad we missed the storm, I'm not ready to use the basement)
Did y'all have a good weekend? 
I'm sure Big Daddy is going to be crazy sore and sunburned tomorrow, but all his hard work is going to turn out fabulously!
Thanks Big Daddy for working so hard this weekend!  Just think... that's one less thing to do next time! :) Just kidding. *kind of*

Have a great day!


Mom said...

Love everything ya'll did this weekend. Looks nice.

The Huntington's said...

Your house looks so great! I love weekend projects (only when I don't have to participate.) Your son has the funniest facial expressions, he is so cute!

Diane said...

I'll bet it took a while to get the ring out of the tub. Looks like the boys all worked hard and had a ton of fun.


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