Monday, April 26, 2010

Birthday Fun!

Landry's friend Kaden (who is Ella's older brother) had his 6th birthday this weekend and we got to join in the festivities! 

This is the birthday boy with all his presents from his party!
Friday evening we all went out for burgers!  They were delicious and I think we all had a great time!
This is Miss Ellas "eating" a fry.  Kinda hard seeing as how she has no teeth!
Saturday afternoon was his actual birthday and party.  He had it at the college's activity center and it was a blast!

Miss Ella in her bikini we got her.  Is she not the cutest little thing ever?  I just love that kid!
I knew Landry would have a great time seeing as how he LOVES water, but I also figured it might take him a while to get used to the idea.

And I was right! At first he wanted not part in it and kept running back to Grammy (Big Daddy had to work, so my mom joined us).
But after a little bit, he was ready to play!  Aren't him and Ella precious in their swimsuits!?
Ella loved the water!
Landry kept kissing Ella and trying to take her ponytail out. 
Oh, I just think she's a doll...
Landry found this fun noodle, so Em told Landry to look at her and smile.  And what did he do?  Looked at her and smiled!  Little turkey.  I love this picture, it totally shows how silly he is!
Sunday, mainly was spent outside!  It was beautiful here!  It was the first day that had no wind in like a week and it was almost 80 and sunny!  We made a trip to Lowes and Big Daddy worked in the flower beds again!  It's starting to look really nice!  He is doing a fabulous job!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

PS. I'm pretty sure there is a squirrel who wants to live with us.  Last weekend, it kept trying to get in our bedroom window, it would claw and scratch the window!  Then while we ate lunch, he jumped in the dining room window and tried to get in there!  Then later that afternoon, he just sat at the front door and looked in.  It was majorly creepy.  (It's not that I'm scared of squirrel's or anything, but I have a huge fear of them jumping on me). So anywho, fast forward to yesterday morning.  Chris notices that the squirrel keeps popping up out of these flower boxes that he has on the front porch (they're wood and have a space that you can put a potted plant down into)  and when you go out the door, he scampers down into it.  So he finally gets the squirrel out of the planted and covers it up.  Problem solved right?  WRONG!  We get home from Lowes and he says "the squirrel is in the house."  Turns out that translates into he is in the venting that leads to the range hood vent in the kitchen!  (that explains why i've been hearing weird noises in the kitchen!!)  So, I'm instructed to stand outside and watch the vent while he gets a ladder and such.  He climbs up there and sprays some stuff inside the vent hoping to get the squirrel to come out.  Oh, it worked all right.  That squirrel came out of that vent like it's bottom was on fire!  And he was extremely angry.  It's scared the holy bejeezes out of me, so Landry and me hightailed it into the house.  For about the next 15 minutes you can hear Chris running across the roof of the house and squirrel's claws on the roof.  Then you see Chris run across the front yard.  When he finally said it was safe to come out, he was a little out of breath and kept saying how mad that squirrel was! 
We were outside all evening and never saw anything out him, but when we went to bed last night, he climbed on our window seal again!  Chris was furious that he was back and got up to check, but he must of left, either that or is choosing to haunt us now!


Mom said...

The party was so fun and the kids were cute in their suits. The squirrel story still makes me laugh thinking about them running on the roof. Wonder who was more afraid? Wish you had had the video going it may have won you some money.

Grandma L. said...

Wish I had seen the show. Bet it entertained the neighborhood. I think Landry and his girlfriend are so cute. Glad he has a playmate that he enjoys being with. Devonn is right you might have won money with the squirrel chase. I look forward to each blog. Love you and your family.

adie1983 said...

Oh man, your squirrel story had me laughing.....I'm glad you finally got rid of him!! Landry is getting so big, they look too cute in their swimsuits!


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