Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Update:  The surgery went well yesterday!  Chris said the next step would be chemo, so continue to keep him in your prayers!

If y'all get a chance, please pray for Chris' granddad.  They have found bladder cancer and have chosen surgery.  The surgery is tomorrow, the 15th.  Thanks so much, I know Chris will appreciate it as well.

*Side note, our granddad's actually went to school together and were friends!!  Crazy what a small world it is. 


Grandma Light said...

Chris and Tori,I am so sorry to hear about Mr.Bonners cancer. I had just asked about his family when we were together for Easter. I will certainly pray for him and the family. Don enjoyed telling about the fun they had on the scout trip to Canada when they were teenagers. I hope the surgery goes well tomorrow. Grandma Light

Diane said...

Hope all went well with the surgery. Please keep us posted.


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