Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Yogi Bear Vacation

Back in August, we went on vacation to a Jellystone Park in Larkspur, CO. On our way there we visited the North Pole! The kids loved getting to ride the fun rides and see and the animals.


We had a great time at Jellystone, but would not go back to the same one again.  The staff was extremely rude and unhelpful. Luckily, that's something that children don't notice and they still talk about Yogi Bear and when do we get to go back? They absolutely loved it!

On our last day before we left Yogi's, a major hail storm came through.  It literally was snowing hail it was coming down so strong. It broke both ours and my parents trailer canopies and shattered our skylights.  Needless to say, our trailer was soaking wet and we both had a lot of repairs to get done when we got home.

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