Friday, February 26, 2010

Susie Homemaker

Several months ago, I had purchased a TON of firefighter material.  My thoughts were that I would make Chris a quilt to take to the station for him to use instead of the blanket that he has.  I had all the squares cut and everything... and then nothing.  Life just gets a little crazy with a toddler running around (not to mention he loves to play with the sewing machine) so last week when I was straightening up the basement and I saw all the squares, I thought "oh, I should totally make that quilt for Chris' birthday!"  (Which was on the 20th and I had great plans to take cute pics of Landry to post telling him happy birthday, but the rash kinda spoiled that one)  So I pinned and sewed and pinned and sewed (and pinned and sewed...repeat) I had the entire front done and the back done I just needed to complete it.  Then my child came down with his reptile rash.  So the quilt was put on hold.  Yesterday, I was so tired of looking at the 2 seperate pieces, I decided to stay up until I was finished!! Needless to say, Chris got to take it to work today!

It measures 5' by 8' - I never could get it to take a decent picture- also remember this is at 11:45 last nite so I was trying to be quiet!
This is the back, I PROMISE it's not this wrinkled in real life.  I was to tired to straighten it all out for a picture though.
I really hope he enjoys using it, Landry and I had a good time making it.  Even though my fingers and back don't agree!

Happy Late Birthday Big Daddy!  We LOVE You!!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sonograms & Rashes

We a growth sonogram this morning! Everything looks great so far! The baby is measuring within a few days of the original due date and weighs 5 oz.!!!
The tech asked if we wanted to know the sex if she could find it and we said yes! Now, granted i'm only 15 weeks.  We found out Landry was a boy at 17 weeks and believe you me, he SHOWED us that he was a boy!  Anywho... We never could find any boy parts, it just kept showing girl!  (the tech said "now, don't go painting the room pink just yet, but my guess would be girl")
Isn't it weird how big the baby looks to only weigh 5 oz?
We'll go back a month from today for the "big sonogram" to check for anomalies and such and will get a for sure boy/girl then! 

These are Day 4 pictures of Landry's rash. (Yesterday)
Chris took off from the station yesterday and stayed home with him and this is how I found them yesterday afternoon.  Do you see the bruises on the insides of his legs? (and yes, he's wearing his work boots and yes, he's sleeping in them)
And these are after he woke up.
Bless his sweet little heart, he still has the smile of an angel.
Please continue to keep him in your prayers that he gets better soon!

Also, go here and prayer for this little boy.  He sure could use it.

Hope y'all have a good day!

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Wrath of Penicillin...

On February 12th, Landry went for his 15 month check up.  He was diagnosed with a double ear infection (may I add, it was his first time to EVER be sick) and also got 3 shots.  He was put on Amoxicillan for 10 days.
Fast forward to 8 days later......
Satuday morning Landry woke up, ate breakfast, took his medicine, etc, etc.  About an hour after he had been up, I went to change his diaper.  I noticed on his groin area some little red raised bumps, I raised up his shirt and he had some on his chest.  Finally a little after 1, I called our pedi's doctor that covers for her on the weekend.  They refused to make me an appointment and told me to give him benadryl.  I called back at 3:15 and they had already closed.
By 9:00 p.m. he looked like this...

So, I called the on call doc again, was told it would cost me $15 to talk to a doctor and that they only called them at the top of the hour.  Seeing as how I was really upset the (only) nice nurse went ahead and connected me to the on-call nurse.  She told me it was a viral infection and that it was extremely contagious, and wouldn't be related to his antibiotics.  But it just had to work it's course and give him benadryl if he started to itch.
I only slept a total of about an hour that nite.

After crying off and on during the nite, Landry was up on Sunday morning around 5:50.  I tried to rock him back to sleep, which didn't work.  Then I turned on the light. EESHHHHH.  His entire body was cherry red and puffy.  Since Chris was at the station, I called my mom and she headed over.  I called Chris to let him know it was worse, then I called the on-call doc AGAIN.  At this point it was shortly after 6 a.m.  Once again, it's gonna be 15 dollars, yada yada, we only call them at the top of the hour, it's gonna be at least 45 minutes before I call again, yada yada.  I told her I didn't care what they charged me, I wanted to either talk to a doctor immediately or have one of them meet me at the hospital.  She said, "if you go to the ER, they will page a pediatrician"  Needless to say, I told her (maybe not very nicely) that she better hope to goodness she didn't send me a bill for her phone call.  We (mom & me) took him to the Urgent Care at 7:30 and waited til they opened the doors,were the 2nd ones in line and had 4 people go in front of us before they called us back! This is what he looked like in the waiting room...
The doctor was furious that the on call nurses had blown me off.  He said he had a severe reaction to his antibiotic and that someone should have seen us yesterday.  He gave Landry a steriod shot and a steriod liquid to take, which hopefully would clear it up, but he still had ear infections and we needed to call his pedi. first thing this morning.
In the doctor's office...
These are Sunday during the day
We treated him to donuts after the doctor and he found another one in the afternoon!
He was actually better yesterday evening and we thought the steriod was really gonna knock it out... WRONG!
This is what I woke up to this morning (don't worry the brown stuff is remnants of his chocolate donut)
So, his pedi worked us in this morning.  They couldn't believe how bad he was.  I'm supposed to keep him on his steriod until Tuesday night, she prescribed a antihistamine that is stronger than benadryl to take for 2 weeks and then he is to start a ZPack on Wednesday for his ear infections.  She said the rash could last off and on for weeks.  Needless to say, there is now notations on his records that he is not to take medicines in the penicillin family due to extreme reactions.  Oh, and they called the on call pediatricians, and let's just say, I don't think it went well! 

On a cuter note, we hung out with Landry's girlfriend Saturday nite and they totally made out all nite.  Notice that Landry rubs Ella's feet, Em had been teaching him how to do that!!
Are they not precious?!!

Hope everyone has a fabulous day and I hope our week is a lot better!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Random Funnies

I'm pretty sure this is the most randomest post ever. 

Landry's favorite thing on the weekends when Daddy gets home from the station is his fountain Dr. Pepper.
Chris walks in and Landry immediately wants his cup then proceeds to drink the rest of it and then play with the ice.

At least he shares sometimes!
For dinner the other nite, Chris smoked some ribs (which the little mister LOVED).  However, he now thinks he's too big to sit in his high chair, so he throws a fit until we get him out so he can sit with us.  He then usually takes over my plate to finish my dinner for me.
Yum mom, your plate taste better than mine.
yummm, mashed potatoes and salad!

These beauties were my Valentine's present! Aren't they pretty?
And this is them 4 days later! The pink ones and the peach ones opened the best so I moved them around.
I love flowers, they just seem to be so expensive and I just hate when they die.

Speaking of Valentine's Day....
This is Landry's girlfriend Ella.  Is she not the cutest little cupcake?
Landry had a big Valentine's Day suprise all planned for her, but then he got sick (his first ear infections) so he had to skip out.  They did send a few love filled e-mails and text messages (I kid you not) to one another though.  He plans to reschedule when he feels better.

Now, I have several videos to share!

Sliding on his slide.  The kid honestly has no fear! I know it's a little longer (I think like 2:15) but he seriously slides over and over (and over....and over) and even attempts to jump off the top at one point.  I really think he might be the funniest kid ever, we never seem to stop laughing.
feb. videos 007 from tori bonner on Vimeo.

Landry playing with the boys
feb. videos 002 from tori bonner on Vimeo.

feb. videos 003 from tori bonner on Vimeo.

This is Landry during his "naptime" at Grammy's.  He can sing and talk to himself for hours.
Untitled from tori bonner on Vimeo.

Landry trying to "help" Kaleb color.
mom videos 018 from tori bonner on Vimeo.

Kaleb & Landry spinning
mom videos 028 from tori bonner on Vimeo.

UPDATE on last weeks Wishlist Wednesday.....
Since I didn't happen to receive any of my 3 wishes in the mail last week (insert sad face), I'm assuming no one decided to buy me a pink laptop or a new lense. 
That's okay though, they're still my wishes this week! (I kid I kid, well about the you buying me one part, not the wish part...)
And Diane, even though it's not my birthday or Christmas, I think I deserve them for just being me! Is that a good reason? :)

Hope everyone has a fabulous day!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday

I thought I'd play Jennifer's ( Wish List Wednesday!  I always look at everyone's and finally decided to play!

My 1st item is this lens (if you go to Jennifer's blog, she just got it and has pictures of her girls... it's so awesome!)  It's an Opteka Fish Eye Lense!  You can get it from Amazon and it's only $49.99!

Did y'all notice the SWAGBUCKS on the top of my blog?  I've been using it for awhile now and it you click on the link and start using it as well, not only do you win free "money" but I will as well!  I'm hoping to earn enough swagbucks to pay for this new lens!  Anywho, swagbucks is just like Yahoo, but you earn the bucks that can then be used to buy things or buy gifts cards to Amazon, Target, etc.  It's a really neat thing, it's free, and I really want this lense!

Another lense I really want is the Canon 50mm.  It's a non-adjustable lense, so you have to be closer to your subject, but it blurs the background more than my regular lenses, and I would LOVE to have it!
Amazon sells it for only $99!!

My last item for this week, is this Dell Laptop from BestBuy.  We bought Chris a Toshiba laptop last week and I'm so jealous!  I also really want one before this next baby gets here so we could Skype to each other while he's at work! Not to mention after having a C-section, not having to go up and down stairs to use the computer!  Does anyone want to buy me one?  Please! 

Well, that's it for this weeks wishlist! 

Hope y'all have a great day!


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