Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Here are some of the video's from the mountains a few weeks ago.  Enjoy!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my hubby! 

We celebrated Saturday night with a little party.  We cooked out burgers, had chips, dips, fruit, veggies and desserts-  I think everyone had a good time!

I slacked on the picture taking til it was cake time. 

Keevan and Kaden were guarding the cake

bubba birthday 004bubba birthday 005

Having to help daddy blow out his candles

bubba birthday 007

I took a few random pictures- sorry about the lighting on all of them, I don’t know why my camera blew the whites out so much.

bubba birthday 009bubba birthday 010

Kinslee LOVED her cupcake!  This baby girls big 1st birthday is this week too!

bubba birthday 012

All the kids were a little out of control.  You’ll have to excuse majority of them in different states of being undressed.  We didn’t want to ruin outfits with dessert!

They all took turns pushing and riding in the grocery cart

bubba birthday 014

Super star Ella

bubba birthday 016

Super star Kinslee

bubba birthday 018

Kinslee and Ethen

bubba birthday 021

Harli was SO excited to have Terry here!

bubba birthday 022bubba birthday 023bubba birthday 025bubba birthday 026bubba birthday 027

Sweet girls

bubba birthday 028bubba birthday 029

Happy Birthday babe.  Thank you for being a great dad and husband to us.  We all love you very much and hope you have  a fantastic birthday today! 

Happy birthday Big Daddy!

Tori, Landry, Ansley & Harli

Sunday, February 19, 2012

4 years.

It’s been 4 years now since we lost my granddad to pancreatic cancer.  I still miss him just as much today as the day we lost him. 


I love you grandpa. 

You will always be one of the greatest men in my life. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012


We enjoyed a few days in the mountains last weekend and got to spend a little time with just our little family.  When we left Thursday, the weather was reporting snow, sleet and rain from here all the way to the mountains.  We were in rain for about 15 minutes and never saw any other form of precipitation the rest of the way!

mountains 003mountains 004

This was the first glimpse of snow we saw finally

mountains 012mountains 015iphone 298mountains 006

We rented Landry ski’s again this time but he wanted no part of riding the ski lift after he saw it when we took him to the mountain, so we just played around the cabin.

mountains 023mountains 024mountains 028mountains 029mountains 031mountains 033mountains 037mountains 043mountains 048mountains 052mountains 058mountains 067

Ansley even got to ski for the first time!

mountains 071mountains 073mountains 076mountains 092mountains 102

The slopes lit up for night skiing

mountains 112

iphone 306iphone 309

We celebrated Ansley’s 18 month birthday our last night there, so we got to enjoy some cookies!

iphone 336

Sunday morning as we were getting ready to leave, it started to snow

mountains 116mountains 118mountains 120

About 45 minutes after it started snowing, we left the cabin and there was as least 3-4 inches of fresh snow.  It was coming down so hard you could basically see only the back of the vehicle in front of you.

iphone 341iphone 344

iphone 345

The road through the canyon was slick and at one point I really thought we were going to end up in the river, but luckily Chris didn’t freak out like I was and quickly got everything under control.  There was a huge line of cars in front and behind us, so it took us awhile to get through there.

But by the time we got out of the canyon and made it to Cimarron, this is what we saw!  No snow whatsoever!

iphone 346

We had perfect weather until we got almost home when we got into sleet.  I-40 was horrible.  There had been several wrecks and it was at a complete stand still.  After about 20 minutes of not moving, we went off-roading through the ditch to the access road.  This was the trucks we were behind which were several miles behind the wreck and there were cars and trucks behind us for miles as well.

iphone 348

Needless to say, we made it home safely thank goodness! 

What a great little vacation!

I have several fun video’s to share of the kids skiing, but as usual I hate YouTube.  I’ll try to post them soon.

Hope everyone had a fabulous Valentine’s Day! I know I did!


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