Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday / A New Post!!

Okay, so the only thing I really, really, (really) want is nice legs.  I do not have nice legs to begin with, but pregnancy does not help them any!  Take yesterday for instance, it only got to like 74 outside, but my ankles were so swollen they looked like cantaloupes.  Believe you me, it is NOT attractive.  So, by asking for nice legs, is that too much?  I think not. 

Side note:  Yesterday I went for my 1 hour glucose test and to get my RHogam shot.  First off let me tell you that that stupid shot hurt worse this time then the 30 other times I've got it (well, maybe not 30, but I've had a bunch of them!)  And when I say it hurt... it HURT!

Anywho, I know that I'm huge.  Literally, HUGE.  Not just pregnant huge.  HOWEVER, I do not, I repeat, I DO NOT need you to tell me how huge I am. 

Example 1:  dude who drew my blood the 2nd time says "oh, so you're going to have your baby today?"  me, "uh, no.  I'm not due til August"  blood dude, "oh, I just thought you were here to have the baby."

Example 2:  I'm up in labor & delivery (which may I add, there are like 15 nurses standing at the nurses counter and they all turn around and stare at me like I'm an alien or something...way to make a girl feel welcome!)  so they give my shot to the nurse and I sit down to wait for someone to poke it into my rear.  A janitor, that's right, a janitor see's me and says, "dang girl, they better hurry up and put you in a room" I just stared at him.  I mean, what was I supposed to say?

Example 3:  After finally getting said shot in my rear, I was waiting at the elevators (which took forever to get to the floor) and a nurse comes and waits beside me.  She says, "if these elevators don't hurry, they're gonna have to just keep you here." All I do is go "ha ha."  She says "oh, are you not due?"  me, "nope, not til August" her, "oh."

That's right, I'm obviously a hippo.

Okay, back to topic.

The other item on my wishlist, is Ansley's nursery.  I have done NOTHING for her nursery.  Mom and me did get her fabric though and I absolutely LOVE it! 
This is a sample of some of the colors on an actual quilt, we only got 4 different designs. 
Right now, her nursery is full of Landry's outgrown clothes, toys and now his/her crib seeing as how Landry's in his BIG BOY BED!!!! (more on that to come!)

I was gonna wish for a swimsuit. But.... I ordered one this weekend!
And, Big Daddy has been pressuring me to get Landry a puppy.  I however did NOT agree. 
So, remember how we had to put my shop dog to sleep?  I told dad that I wanted a boxer!  So the next day, he got me a boxer!  So this is Harli Sue!!  Then we kinda found out that boxer's aren't really watch dogs, but more of a family/kid dog!  She's just so litte (for the time being) so dad let me take her home this weekend so she wasn't by herself.
And he's let me take her home every nite too! Right now, she's kinda *very* lazy, but she LOVES Landry and he gets so excited when he sees her!  I'm hoping this trend continues, I get her at the shop and take her home in the afternoons, so I don't have a puppy eating and destroying my entire yard!!

This past Sunday, my friend Savanna's cousin had a Thirty-One party!! So while I was gone doing that, Terry & the boys came over and brougth their bouncy house!  Then they all went and got a kiddy pool and a slip and slide!  Chris kept sending me pictures (on his new i-phone!!) to show me what Landry was doing!
This one's my favorite!
Landry wanted Grammy to put a clip in his hair the other day and refused to let us take it out!  Needless to say his daddy wasn't that impressed when he got home!
On the 31 front, my sis in law had a party at the school a few weeks ago and it was a bust.  But Chelsea's party (from Sunday) is going GREAT!!  She plans to close it out on Friday and so far has $523 in sales which means she so far has earned $156 in FREE products!!

I need to take a picture of Landry's big boy bed with the comforters and stuff on it to show you.  It turned out fabulously!!  Once he falls asleep, he does great, but sometimes it's a fight to get him to sleep!  Granted it's only been 3 days and last nite, he did great going to bed alone!  And he woke up really happy since me and Harli went in there and she attacked him with kisses!!

Hope everyone is having a great spring!!


Mom said...

4 wheeling butt naked--you might be a "redneck".

Looks like they had a fun day in the sun.

Landry and Harli are having so much fun together--now it the "girls" liked her it would help.

Grandma said...

Tori, I like the pretty colors and design in the decorating of Ansley's room. It will be here soon when she will arrive and Landry will take over his babysister. I was surprised you got a big dog this time. Will he be at the shop some of the time? He is a cute puppy now for Landry to enjoy. I like your blogs. They are very entertaining. Love you.

Grantham said...

I love that swimming suit! And please, please, please put that picture of Landry in his yearbook when he's a senior! It is sooo cute!

Diane said...

I agree with Kim, save the photo for senior year! That one and the one where he has outgrown the cow suit.
The swimsuit is so cute. The certainly have cuter things than when your mom and I were pregnant, all we had were "tents".

Diane said...

Forgot to say I like the colors and design of the baby quilt. And tell Kris not to worry about the hair clip...he needs to worry about eyeliner and piercings. lol


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