Thursday, May 20, 2010


First off, here's a picture of my beautiful Mother's Day flowers!  And, can you believe that they are still alive?!
Second off, it has been a GORGEOUS day here today!  We went over to my parents and swam for a little bit and then came home and played outside all evening!

I think Harli is in her official "puppy" stage now.  She's played more today then she has in the week we've had her!
How redneck does my child look?  Obviously we don't believe in fully clothing our children!
hehe, I should've put pants on him before I decided to take pictures!
Landry was SO excited, his precious girlfriend Ella came over to see him!

They actually came over so she could bring my order to take the 3 hour glucose test next week! That's right, I failed the 1 hour.  Yeah!! Go me!

Addison and Harli still aren't friends, but hopefully they will be someday!
Can you see me?
Sweet baby Ella
Is she not the cutest?
Silly little girl still won't crawl!
And I just thought I'd throw in a picture of my hibiscus! I love it!
Sorry this was such a totally random post, but I feel like I haven't taken pictures in forever! 

Hope everyone is looking forward to their weekend! 


Mom said...

Poor kid doesn't seem to have clothes to cover the bottom half. At least I can see a diaper hanging out :)) You may need several chew toys for Harli so she doesn't chew up the playground in you yard.

Grandma said...

Landry is a delight to see and watch. He is in his own world and loving it. He a very handsome youngster. He will be a wonderful big brother with a loving and caring heart. You and Chris are so blessed. I want to come see his big boy room. Has Harli eaten the new yard toys yet? I'm helping count the days till little sister arrives.

Grantham said...

I'm jealous of your hibiscus. The only plan I've been able to keep alive is the daisy plant. I attribute it to two things: 1) it's a plant from Grandpa's funeral so I take extra care with it and 2) technically it's a weed and it's really, really hard to kill.

I would LOVE to keep a tropical plant alive!!


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