Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wishlist Surprise!!

So 2 weeks ago, I posted Wishlist Wednesday.  Back in September when I hadn't had my new camera long and I was debating between getting a zoom lense or a 50mm lense.  I finally went with the zoom but always had my eye on the 50 mm.  Anywho, yesterday when we were getting home, the UPS man was leaving my house.  I'm thinking "hmmm, I haven't ordered anything..." So we go in and I go to get the package and see that it's from Amazon.  I'm thinking "what in the world, I know I didn't order anything from Amazon..." All the label says is my name.  I open the box and start crying (so what? I'm emotional!)  I immediately think oh my goodness, someone sent me a new lense!
Guess who it was?

This guy! He actually paid attention to my blog that day! And wanted to surprise me with it!
**notice that I'm excited to use the new said lense and he has to act goofy**
Then he told me that it was from Landry.  So, whoever it was from, I love you boys! I think my new lense is fabulous!!
And our first baby, Addison.  Isn't she beautiful?
Seeing as how I couldn't get any decent pics inside I told Landry if he bundled up he could go outside for a little bit.  Let's just say that I got even worse pictures out there! He was SO excited to be outside!
Getting ready to slide
Uh, Dad? This one's a little bigger than the one in the house.
And this is what happens when you bring your child in from outside when he's clearly not done playing.
That's right.  I kid you not, the kid threw a major tantrum.
Once he finally calmed down, daddy and him had to wrestle and play as usual.
Thanks for my lense Big Daddy and Landry! I absolutely LOVE it! Truly one of the best surprises ever! Love you!


Mom said...

Do you think you might be spoiled??

Glad you had a nice surprise, they are the best gifts when you least expect them.

Grandma L. said...

Tori,what a surprise from your sweet husband. He is so good to you and Landry. Cute pictures of Landry as I'm sure he was still wanting the snow to play in. You have two good looking men in your life and cute little Addie.


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