Monday, March 8, 2010

First Date and a Toybox!

I know this video doesn't really go in order with the pictures, but you seriously have to watch it! It's only 9 seconds long and I promise you will get a laugh! (some people couldn't get vimeo videos to work last time, but I do not have the patience to deal with youtube! So i'm sorry if you can't see it!)

Is that not the funniest thing you've ever seen? I know, I will definetely win mom of the year for that one!!
Don't worry, he's not scarred for life or anything and about 10 seconds after the video ends, he was back to running around!

Anywho... now that you've got your laugh for the day...

Landry and Ella had to miss Valentine's day due to being sick, so they (we)  had to postpone it.  It was gorgeous on Saturday so they (we) had made plans to celebrate then.

This was on Friday, Landry was having to polish and shine his car.
hmmm, dad do you think that looks okay?
Oh, I better do the wheels too!
This is Saturday morning when he got to Ella's house.  I think he was really excited!!
Daddy had to help him just a little bit
Finally making it to the door to greet his love!
He handed her the rose (it's a fake) and she immediately hits herself in the face with it!
oh Miss Ella, those are beautiful socks!
I LOVE this one!
isn't this sweet? She's trying to get his attention!
Kisses for his honey!!
So then we all made it inside so he could give her her teddy bear!
She looked so adorable!
I think they both had fun on their first "date"!! I think Landry might have been a little overwhelmed with all the people giggling and talking and everything at the same time though! Even mom and Nancy (Ella's Nana) got to come!
Here's the video of it! It's long, but the beginning is cute of him pulling up and stuff!

When Landry got home from his date he took a nap and when he woke up, it was workin' time!  Him and Chris worked for about 3 hours in the backyard building Landry a toybox.
Here's the finished product! *Well, before it's sanded and stained!*
He had to get his nail gun out like daddy! He was such a big helper!
Saturday evening he still didn't want to come in, so we dressed him a little warmer and let him play some more!
This was as he saw an airplane!
With hat on
eesh! hat off!
Saturday night, Em, Aaron, Kaden and Ella came over and eat and to play!
He thinks it fun to take Ella's pacifier!
And I had to take this picture because I'm going to show it to him when he's 18!!

Hope ya enjoyed the picture overload!

We had a wonderful weekend!!  Hope y'all did too!


Mom said...

That sure was a "fun" date. I wonder if we all get to go on their first real date. We will have to rent a bus. Enjoyed all the pictures and the toy box will be nice for his toy store that he has.

Courtney said...

So cute. I love the pictures of the Valentine's Date. They will make a cute couple someday!

Diane said...

Too cute!! Sounds like the adults were enjoying it more than Landry. lol Someday you will be saying...Stop kissing that girl.


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