Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Random Funnies

I'm pretty sure this is the most randomest post ever. 

Landry's favorite thing on the weekends when Daddy gets home from the station is his fountain Dr. Pepper.
Chris walks in and Landry immediately wants his cup then proceeds to drink the rest of it and then play with the ice.

At least he shares sometimes!
For dinner the other nite, Chris smoked some ribs (which the little mister LOVED).  However, he now thinks he's too big to sit in his high chair, so he throws a fit until we get him out so he can sit with us.  He then usually takes over my plate to finish my dinner for me.
Yum mom, your plate taste better than mine.
yummm, mashed potatoes and salad!

These beauties were my Valentine's present! Aren't they pretty?
And this is them 4 days later! The pink ones and the peach ones opened the best so I moved them around.
I love flowers, they just seem to be so expensive and I just hate when they die.

Speaking of Valentine's Day....
This is Landry's girlfriend Ella.  Is she not the cutest little cupcake?
Landry had a big Valentine's Day suprise all planned for her, but then he got sick (his first ear infections) so he had to skip out.  They did send a few love filled e-mails and text messages (I kid you not) to one another though.  He plans to reschedule when he feels better.

Now, I have several videos to share!

Sliding on his slide.  The kid honestly has no fear! I know it's a little longer (I think like 2:15) but he seriously slides over and over (and over....and over) and even attempts to jump off the top at one point.  I really think he might be the funniest kid ever, we never seem to stop laughing.
feb. videos 007 from tori bonner on Vimeo.

Landry playing with the boys
feb. videos 002 from tori bonner on Vimeo.

feb. videos 003 from tori bonner on Vimeo.

This is Landry during his "naptime" at Grammy's.  He can sing and talk to himself for hours.
Untitled from tori bonner on Vimeo.

Landry trying to "help" Kaleb color.
mom videos 018 from tori bonner on Vimeo.

Kaleb & Landry spinning
mom videos 028 from tori bonner on Vimeo.

UPDATE on last weeks Wishlist Wednesday.....
Since I didn't happen to receive any of my 3 wishes in the mail last week (insert sad face), I'm assuming no one decided to buy me a pink laptop or a new lense. 
That's okay though, they're still my wishes this week! (I kid I kid, well about the you buying me one part, not the wish part...)
And Diane, even though it's not my birthday or Christmas, I think I deserve them for just being me! Is that a good reason? :)

Hope everyone has a fabulous day!


Mom said...

Cute videos. Please don't bring a slide to my house-- I have enough for him to climb on without standing on something else. You are really getting paid back for all the climbing you did and for causing Terry to have ulcers trying to watch out for you. I just love his little laugh, you can't help but laugh when he does.

Diane said...

Landry seems to spin and slide so fast clothes come off. lol(Sock on the slide and shirt on the spin)
I like the way he tried to color on Kaleb's paper from one side and then sneek around to the other. You have to say Landry is persistant.
Hope you are feeling well. Next you need to start posting belly pics along with Landry updates.

Grandma L. said...

The videos sound real cute and interesting. I cann't figure out how to bring them up to see. Diane makes them fun and entertaining to watch in her comments. I'll keep trying to get to see them. Your roses were beautiful. Maybe I'll see them sometime before he starts to school. Hope you are feeling good Tori. Love Grandma

Grantham said...

These videos are the cutest. I thought he would never get tired of sliding. AND I Chris has amazing reaction speed. He grabbed Landry so fast when he stood up...I started laughing.

Hope Mr. Landry is feeling much better soon! Y'all take care and hope you are feeling fantastic!


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