Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Silly Boys!

I have a few videos to share again!

Dad got Landry hooked on his and the girls "cookies!" However, he only gets them with dad, neither mom or me give them to him.  I guess he decided he really wanted some cookies, so he'd have to get them himself!
A boy's gotta do what a boy's gotta do!

Last night Rene' and Collin came over to play and eat dinner, I wish I would have taken a video of the boys eating their pizza, it was too funny! They decided they needed to eat off plates on the floor, so we had pizza everywhere! They had a lot of fun though and Rene' and me had a lot of good laughs!
Then Collin found Landry's flashlight from Santa, so I gave mine to Landry and we turned off the lights.  I know you can't see a whole lot in this video, but the boys had a blast!

Then they moved to Landry's room to play, do you notice what a disaster his room is?  I feel like I pick up all his books and put them back on the shelves at least 3 times a day.  It's a lose-lose situation obviously!

They had so much fun together as always and we look forward to our next playdate!
By the way, keep their family in your prayers please, they are expecting their 2nd baby boy in May and have learned of some very extreme complications for the baby.  I know they would appreciate it.

Hope y'all have a wonderful day!


Mom said...

Landry really enjoyed hiding from me while eating. Haegen, also, enjoyed them but wasn't on camera. I didn't know his mouth could hold so much and not choke. The boys looked like they had so much fun. Hope Landry doesn't want to eat on the floor picnic style too much, I guess if the dogs were there they could clean up for you.

Diane said...

I say if Grampy leaves his cookies where Landry can get to them then they'
re fair game...and if the lid won't close it means you need another cookie. Looks like the boys had fun. If you think the room looks destroyed just wait 'til they get older and play together...they furniture will probably be taken apart. lol


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