Monday, December 14, 2009


Landry likes to dance with Santa & his reindeer, or he usually does!  Mom had got the set a few years ago for my nephews to enjoy so I brought them home for Landry to play with this year.  I've now recorded him 3 times and everytime I do, he doesn't cooperate very well.  Go figure!

He's a mess! But isn't he cute! Please ignore the mess in the living room, I think I clean it 5 times a day!  I clean, he un-cleans! Ask my mom, believe me, she knows!  Hope y'all have a wonderful day!!!


Grandma L. said...

You need to dance with him. He has the swing and the twist and turn he wants someone to jig with. He has the cutest giggle. Enjoy the clean up time it doesn't last forever. Remember the way our house looked when you grandchildren spent so much preious time at our houses in town and at the lake. Those times are priceless. Love you

Three Guys & a Gal said...

I hear ya on the mess! When my living room is clean, I think there is something weird about it:) Landry is a doll!

Grantham said...

I think that may be the first footage I've seen of him walking! Super cute and getting so big. Miss ya'll.


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