Friday, December 11, 2009

Inside decorations

Just wanted to post a few of my Christmas decorations from our house.  That way I can remember what it all looked like!  I have a few videos that are really cute that i'll need to post soon, but I don't have time right now.  Hope everyone is having a good holiday season and looking forward to Christmas!!


Diane said...

Very Pretty. You did a great job. And it looks as though Landry has kept his hands off.
I haven't done very much decorating the last couple of years. I guess my heart just hasn't been in it. (too many interuptions) I need to do a better job. I have about 5 boxes of things that I haven't used. Next year it will be better

Grandma L. said...

You certainly add great joy as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ with the beautiful decorating you have done in your nice home. You have a real talent.I hope to get by and see it one of these days. Love you.


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