Monday, September 14, 2009

A little of this and that

It's been a while! For some reason, having a 9-10 month old is hard work! Needless to say, he keeps up on our toes! Luckily for me I can still put him in his bouncer with some puffs and he'll entertain himself for a little bit. Not so lucky for his Grammy that he learned how to crawl out of his walker. I guess he figured it slowed him down too much.
I love this picture! I think I have the most handsome little boy ever. And no I am not biased. wink wink.
We went to the cabin while Chris had several days off and enjoyed a long weekend in the mountains! Too bad we had to come home!

This is how Landry's trip went! He got to watch Tom and Jerry, PraiseBaby and the Flinstones. We borrowed my brother's dvd player and it worked out great! I'm thinking we'll invest in one of those someday!
This is how he loves to ride in his carseat. For some reason, he likes to prop his left foot up.

Chris' cousin's family got to join us for a few days. Collin is 2 1/2 months younger than Landry. They're finally starting to "play" with each other. (aka Landry hit's Collin, Collin retaliates and pulls Landry's hair)

Yum, mashed potatoes. Good stuff!
Rene', Josh, and Collin at the park
Our family at the park
And at the 8th wonder of the world... the Log. We had to stop on our way home. The last time we were here Landry slept thru the log, he enjoyed it much more this time. Can't you tell?!
And now to this weekend. Chris was off the whole weekend so we had lots of daddy time. Landry's figured out that if a door is cracked open he can go through it. And believe me, he does.
I guess he decided to eat his puffs in the garage.
His daddy making him come out back
For some reason, the kid will NOT put his knees down onto a rug. So he bear crawls til he gets past them. It's hilarious!
Addi and her buddy
Here's our attempt at his 10 month pictures
You can tell this great idea stands no chance whatsoever Here we go!
Back off dad, it's mine.
I told you I didn't want my monthly picture taken
Luckily I had dumped the water out that had been in here for the dogs.
Chris says Landry gets his noseyness from me
Seriously glad there wasn't water in there!
Playing with daddy after bathtime. Do you notice the total disaster in his room? He loves to pull his books off the shelves. Oh, and are those not the cutest butt-cheeks in the world!
Hi daddy, your hat is so cool!
I'll tell you one more time mom, NO more pictures!
Googly eyes at daddy
Do you ever notice how Landry is never looking at me? He always looks at something or someone else. I was telling Chris how jealous I was of other people because their babies would sit and look at the camera for their picture. That's obviously not going to happen for me.
I finally got a picture of the vampire teeth! Everyone I have talked to has thought this is the weirdest thing. Babies are not supposed to get fangs before they get their front teeth. Like my mom said though, when he bites you now, it's like a stapler going through you.

He decided that the right sleeve wasn't really workin' for him anymore an decided to get rid of it! Sometimes I wonder what is going through his little mind.
And this is how me and the hubby spent Saturday nite. A nice fire in the chimenea, cool weather, and a glass of wine. Perfect!
Hope everyone has a great week!

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Diane said...

Cute, cute photos!!! I really like the one where Landry is "drinking" out of the dog water bowl and the mashed potato eating. Let's home he gets more teeth before he starts school.

Can't wait to see him. He will probably be walking by the time I get to Amarillo. Hopefully I can get away for a few days before too long.


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