Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just Call Me Little Fishy

We went for a little dip in the pool last nite! Seeing as how the weather here yesterday was in the upper 90's, the pool was warm. Warm, being above 90 degrees itself. Ya see, our fancy smancy pool (albeit an above ground-soft sided-metal frame) has a solar heater. We hang it on our fence and the pump circulates the water through it before it goes into the pool. Neat huh?! Anywho, the past month or so, the water's been around 84-86, which is perfect. Not too warm when it's blistering hot outside and not too cool when the lovely wind is blowing. After we got through eating we decided to take the little monster for dip since it was so nice outside. It was like bath water! Since the sun has already started going down it had cooled off a little and the wind was blowing. Let's just say it was the most relaxing dip in the pool i've ever had! However, I think the solar heater has about done its job for this summer since the pool has heated up nicely. Good bye my precious solar heater... we'll see you next summer!

Landry and his daddy before dinner

And onto the pictures of our little fish

Can you see the solar heater hanging on the fence?

That's all folks! Enjoy your day!

1 comment:

Diane said...

Glad you had an outdoor bath. :)

Our pool is hovering around 94 to 95. I added some water today so it would cool it off just a touch. I will be right back up probably by tomorrow.


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