Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kid’s Bathroom Reveal

Just wanted to share the new look in the kid’s bathroom!

A reminder of how it looked when we bought the house


We painted it chocolate brown and I used some brown and turquoise accents when we re-did everything before moving in


This is what it looks like now! I could not possibly love it more! It’s so bright and cheery now.  I made the shower curtain out of a huge tablecloth and got red, blue, green, yellow and orange hand towels to change out.

april12 193

I also found a fun red circle rug that I added in front of the toilet

april12 190

Love it!

april12 194

Here’s a few sewing projects from the last few weeks

Here’s Ansley’s Easter dress.  Mom appliqued and embroidered it for me and then I sewed it up

april12 198

Here’s my first go round at a “knot” dress. 

april12 199

And not to be forgotten….

april12 197

april12 184

ps- do not EVER purchase the colored bubbles.  What a mess.

Hope everyone is enjoying spring!


Grandma said...

Tori, What a wonderful way to decorate a child's bathroom. Good colors you used. You and Devonn did a really good job on Ansleys Easter sundress and her colorful dress she will enjoy wearing. By the way,turquise has always been my favorite color. Landry looks like he liked the colorful bubbles.

Kimberly Grantham said...

I've been away so I couldn't comment on your bathroom. Love the color! It's a little brighter than the blue I used in Chloe's bathroom. I really love the way the orange curtain looks with it! Hope y'all had a happy Easter and everybody starts feeling better soon.


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