Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Iphone Dump

I need to clean out my phone pics.  I have close to 600 pics/video's on there!  Here's some- a few are before Christmas hence the boxes and Christmas decorations!

Doesn't every little boy wear a yogurt box on his head?

Waiting on tubes, after the feel good meds kicked in

Doing what she does best...

Zia played dress up

Playing outside

I LOVE this pic of Landry!

Wearin' their new Harley shirts!

We babysat Addi and Haegan while mom and dad went  to Houston/Austin (soooo jealous!), and they got lots of love!

All the dirt in the sky on a typically windy day

Ansley's valentine pants

Landry likes having his picture taken

The most awesome-est cake ever!

My new find!  It's good, kinda just tastes like chocolate milk!

Have you ever seen mini banana's?

They're SO fun!
When Chris is at the station, Landry gets to be the man of the house and sleep in our bed.  The other nite he wanted me to take his picture to send to daddy.  (with the flash, he couldn't manage to keep his eyes open in any of them!)

 Ansley face planted into the bench in our dining room on Friday.  This is what it looked like about 15 minutes after it happened.

This was Saturday morning

Stud Muffin
Monday at Grammy's

 I made Ansley an A-Line dress! This was the best pic she would let me get before school yesterday.

I swear she doesn't always look homeless.  This was after they ate oreo's last nite.  It was a little scary.
My little Valentine! Zia played dress up again!

At least that got some of pics taken care of! 

Happy 1st Day of February!!


Grandma said...

I am so thrilled to see my Greatgrands. They seem so happy to get their pictures for all the world to see. I hope they are enjoying good health and real glad to show the special eye. The wardrobe they have is cute and colorful. Love you all.

Granthamania said...

Oh I have so much to say...I'll {try and} keep it short. Ansley's zebra shoes are FAB. Sorry she bumped her eye...Chloe fell and hit the same place on her eye the day after your mom texted me the picture. Her bump wasn't near as blue.

Landry is so handsome. I like how he's started posing for pictures:)

I have NOT seen mini bananas. But now I'm going to be on the lookout for them!

Macy said...

They r both SOOOOO cute!sorry about ans.


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