Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

We visited the pumpkin patch last nite- the kids had fun, but as you can tell, they both won’t cooperate for a picture at the same time…. Maybe someday.

pumpkin patch 014pumpkin patch 021pumpkin patch 023pumpkin patch 032pumpkin patch 033pumpkin patch 034pumpkin patch 035pumpkin patch 037pumpkin patch 040pumpkin patch 045

This is after we saw a mouse run across the ground and Landry was screaming like a little girl, cause he thought it was in the mini pumpkins! hehehehe

pumpkin patch 048

And just for a flashback, these were from last year!

pumpkin 013pumpkin 020pumpkin 033pumpkin 044

Hopefully we can go back and try again for a cute picture of the two of them! We’ll see!


Grandma said...

What a difference a year makes. They are so adorable. They will be good pals and help each other. I like them playing in the little pumpkin box. You and Diane are dressing Ansley up real cute. She knows she is so special. Keep the pictures coming. They bring joy to me as time marches on.

Courtney said...

Cute pictures. I give up on trying to get a great picture of two little ones, maybe when they are 40!


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